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WWE Releasing WrestleMania 28 Chair, Masked Wrestlers, More

— Kmart announced Friday that they are offering a Limited Edition Commemorative WrestleMania® XXVIII Chair “to the delight of shoppers and WWE fans everywhere.” Customers can purchase the $75 chair after spending $30 or more on WWE items at Kmart stores across the country or online.

“We are thrilled to provide this exclusive limited edition chair as a way to reward our devoted customers and offer them premium products that touch on their passion points,” said Andrew Stein, VP and Interim CMO, Kmart. “Knowing that these chairs will never be available again makes them collectibles, which we know makes them even more highly valuable to our shoppers.”

WWE.com has published a photo gallery highlighting masked wrestlers from throughout history. Besides Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, those featured include Avatar, Battle Kat, CM Punk, Dos Caras, El Santo, Golga, Great Sasuke, Jushin Liger, Kim Chee, La Parka, Max Moon, Mil Mascaras, Mr. America, Mr. Wrestling II, Psicosis, The Destroyer, The Patriot, Tiger Mask and Ultimo Dragon.

— Jim Ross was asked on Twitter if the feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho feud is getting personal following Jericho’s harsh words on Monday’s Raw SuperShow. He responded, “That’s what sells.”

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  • jack

    they forgot to mention kane and mankind

  • Ariez77

    They also forgot about aldo montoya the portugeise manofwar

  • Ariez77

    sorry i miss spelled portuguese

  • Mikey

    Didn’t Eddie Guerrero wrestle as Black Tiger?

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