WWE Replacing Corporate Jet, WWE Honors Susan G. Komen, Type or Tap Note

- WWE asked fans in their latest “wwe.com/play/games/type-or-tap/wwe-chairman-mr-mcmahon-opponents-defeated">Type or Tap” game to name all the competitors that Vince McMahon has defeated. One glaring omission not included in the results is Vince’s victory over Stephanie McMahon at No Mercy in 2003.

- Before Monday’s Raw, WWE and John Cena hosted a VIP reception for honorees from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Photos from the reception can be seen wwe.com/inside/overtheropes/susan-g-komen-vip-dallas-photos">here.

- WWE announced that their free cash will decline in 2013 due to capital expenditures of $50 million to $60 million. Approximately 65% of that will be to replace the company’s corporate jet, which is nearly 20 years old. They noted that they believe they will get attractive rates to finance the jet, and that the sale of their current aircraft will “offset a significant portion of the down payment.”

  • zip

    20 years old? So we finally know why Vince is not a billionair anymore. He was burning his money for jet fuel.

  • Kedo2

    Next what we will see that TNA buys one :D Lol

  • Danny Morgan

    if i had the money i would live in a coach like cm punks what a lifee

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