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WWE Responds To Fans Saying John Cena “Can’t Wrestle”, WWE Removes Leaked Footage, More

– Back in August while promoting SummerSlam, John Cena made reference to his “Five Moves of Doom” on an episode of Raw, a colloquial term for his trademark sequence of moves (flying shoulderblock, sitout hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment). The official WWE website published a video today in response to the infamous notion that Cena “can’t wrestle.”

“Then how do you explain the powerbomb, neckbreaker and hurricanrana he dishes out in this video?,” WWE.com says of video on the front page, entitled “10 moves from John Cena’s underrated arsenal.” The video caption reads, “John Cena shows that he is capable of much more than his proverbial “Five Moves of Doom.”

– WWE filed a copyright claim in response to satellite footage from last Monday’s Raw that surfaced on YouTube and had the two videos removed.

Pre-Raw footage was leaked of the announcers preparing for the broadcast, which notably features Michael Cole acknowledging plans of a wrestler being put through his table later in the evening. In the other video, Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz are shown preparing for a WWE App segment, which features Ziggler using colorful language.

Smackdown ring announcer and “army brat” Lilian Garcia posted a message on her official website celebrating Veteran’s Day.

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  • tmeister

    Um wwe getting offended much hahaa

    • gta4801 .

      But why this is typical cena heat it’s been going on for years nothing new

      • tmeister

        exactly and if anything cena doesn’t really care that people say that about him so i don’t see what wwe was doing with that response

        • gta4801 .

          It’s not that he doesn’t care he’s the big face he accepts all fan responses i think it’s one of the reasons he stays on top everyone reacts to him all the time cheers and boos alike only way to hurt his status is to not react to him (IMO) but his haters hate him too much to do that

          • Reverend Scurvy

            I generally react by changing the channel when he comes on. Maybe if more people did that, WWE would see it reflected in their ratings and make some changes.

  • Mr. Creative

    Isn’t there 6 moves of doom now? I thought the ‘Superman’ move of kicking out at the two count was added on as the sixth move of doom. lol.

    • Rotnerd

      Nah that’s his new finisher

      • Mr. Creative


  • Reverend Scurvy

    If you look back to Cena’s early days, he actually CAN wrestle. He just hasn’t done so in the past decade. I don’t know if it’s him or the WWE limiting him. Either way, it’s a joke.

    • YM5

      no he couldn’t wrestle back in his early days, he was downright sad in most cases, he has come a long way with his ring work

      • Reverend Scurvy

        Maybe the fact that he used to be able to sell(which is an integral part of wrestling)made his old matches seem better.

  • Padres4life

    WWE will stop at nothing to defend Cena, nobody else.

  • Scott Davies

    I think WWE does not actually understand where fans are coming from. Cena does as we can all agree he is not stupid. Just Vince not getting it. From an interview that Paul Heyman did with MMA. I can see Vince does not get it.

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