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WWE Running Punk-HIAC Poll, Behind-The-Scenes with Eve Torres

– WWE is running a poll on Twitter where fans can vote who CM Punk should choose to face at Hell in a Cell: John Cena or Ryback.

– Eve Torres recently did a SNAPS photo shoot for her official website, EveTorres.com. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot:

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  • Muscleman

    The downside of Ryback potentially facing Punk at HIAC is that there is no chance of WWE booking him to win the belt. If the WWE hierachy goes ahead and makes the match official, then it will be one of the most predictable title bouts in history. A disqualification victory for Ryback would be the obvious outcome.

  • mad

    how is it going to be a dq inside hell in a cell

  • Granit

    You cant have DQ inside a cell you retard @muscleman!

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    I am going Ryback v.s. Punk, outside interference – have Lesner come out and destroy Ryback after he hits Punk with Shellshock, Ryback looks strong, even if he loses his streak, Punk holds belt for Punk vs Rock @ Rumble, Ryback v.s. Lesner in the future which could make Ryback look good if he wins clean – He needs one BIG feud to vault him into the hierarchy of the elite, doesn’t get much bigger than a feud with Lesner!

    Downside is Lesner may have to carry the feud somewhat which would be an issue for him on a limited schedule, but if they want ‘star power’ for Survivor Series like Rock last year that’d be the way I’d go!

  • Hi this is yanis. I have some confusion on DQ inside cell. Is it true?

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