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WWE SmackDown (2/18) Results: Brock Lesnar Returns After 12 Years, Triple H

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Welcome to WrestleNewz’s results from the latest SmackDown. This week, a main attraction is Brock Lesnar’s return to the show after 12 years away. We get the typical video intro and head straight to the ring for our opening match.

Lucha Dragons & Dolph Ziggler vs. League of Nations

Kevin Owens is doing commentary for this match and Wade Barrett is ringside for League of Nations. Some small action before Kalisto hits a tornado DDT on Rusev. Lucha Dragons send Alberto Del Rio to the outside. All three babyfaces leap over/under the rope onto League of Nations as the first commercial hits and the crowd starts getting loud. We are back from commercial as Sheamus with a backbreaker on Sin Cara. Del Rio and Ziggler are tagged in. Sheamus wants a piece of Ziggler, but he ends up getting caught for a DDT. Ziggler turns around right into a superkick from Del Rio. Kalisto is tossed into the barricade by Del Rio and Rusev hits Sin Cara with a superkick. Ziggler almost has Sheamus beat in the ring before Owens provides a distraction. It works as Sheamus recovers enough to hit the brogue kick for the winning pin.

Winners: League of Nations

They show footage of Becky Lynch’s trouble with Team BAD.

Sasha Banks vs. Tamina

Naomi is on the outside for Team BAD. Tamina gets Banks in the corner and throws some shots. Banks isn’t afraid­­­­ to fight in the corner, hitting several knees. Naomi tries to get involved and Banks sends her to the outside floor. She locks Tamina in the Banks statement and she must tap.

Winner: Sasha Banks

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