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WWE SmackDown Spoilers – 8/23/13

WWE will tape this week’s WWE SmackDown from Bakersfield, California. Here are the results.

Dark Match

* Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow. Before the match, Damien Sandow cut a promo.

WWE SmackDown

* Vickie Guerrero kicked off this week’s SmackDown. She introduces Randy Orton. Orton cuts a promo. He says he didn’t know Triple H was going to screw Daniel Bryan and didn’t need anyone’s help. Daniel Bryan comes out and puts over John cena and then ripped Randy Orton for being aarogant. He then says Orton has everything handed to him. Bryan wants a rematch, however Orton refuses. Orton went for an RKO, but Daniel Bryan drop kicked him instead, sending Orton flying to the outside of the ring. Bryan then leads the crowd into “Yes” chants.

* In a backstage segment, Wade Barret asks for a match against Daniel Bryan. Vickie announces that it will be a steel cage match.

* Recap from Monday’s Raw between CM Punk & Curtis Axel’s brawl.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel defeated Cody Rhodes.

* Paul Heyman cuts a promo on CM Punk. Heyman then praised Brock Lesnar for his victory over Punk at the SummerSlam pay-per-view. Curtis Axel challenges Punk to a match on Raw.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston.

* World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian with the armbreaker.

* After the match, Del Rio got on the mic but is interrupted by Ricardo. Ricardo praised the crowd in Spanish, then brought out Rob Van Dam. Christian connects drop kicks ADR. Van Dam hit Rolling Thunder. RVD and Ricardo then hold up the World title.

* Big Show and Mark Henry defeated 3MB in a handicap match.

* Darren Young defeated Antono Cesaro.

* Recap for Summerslam AXXESS is shown.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett in a cage match.

* After the match, Bryan left the cage but was attacked by Randy Orton, who was hiding under the ring. Orton stands over Bryan as the fans chant “You suck.”

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  • Eshnog

    Where can I watch the full match for cm punk vs brock lesnar?fuck youtube..

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    IDK? Can’t seem to find the hole match on youtube either

  • Will Burns

    Sin Cara goes from backstage heat to defeating one of the rising stars of the business.. Ehh.

    • Babertus Maximus

      that’s his punishment…hehehe…

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Small world isn’t it? Who Knew?

    • Jeff

      Glad to know he’s not injured.

  • Lucas Amato

    I dont understand.. Sandow losing against Sin Cara (Maybe all Sin Cara injury thing, was a kayfabe.. if not doesnt make any sense..), Curtis Axel beating Cody Rhodes, who beat Sandow at SS and Raw.. I dont understand this either, but at least is more normal .. And the worst thing, Young beating Cesaro.. I Mean, if you will prize Darren young do it for his charisma or talent, not for being homosexual.. Is not fear with the other wrestlers.. Its some kind of Heterosexual discrimination… u.u. I dont understand … I hope Bryan beat Wade Barret (If Randy want to attack him, for me its ok, but let the match happen..)

    • Rotnerd

      Disagree about Young he is talented and is the right time to push him while he is being talked about.

      • JustPro

        Disagree about Young… He is a tag team superstar not singles it does not make sense to push him in singles competition yet… Ryders just as talented and more over with the fans compared to Darren Young… Why push him because of his letting the world know he likes to rub on guys and stuff… Also he is not being talked about as much as that basketball player has… Young needs to be repackaged to get a singles push right now the only way he is interesting is when he is in a tag team match…

        • Lucas Amato

          Agree.. and for what i know, Titus Oneill was the one being talked for a push…

    • james

      It was a dark match. faces always win dark matches

      • Lucas Amato

        mmm.. not sure of that..

        • james

          then you must not know much about the wrestling business

  • Rotnerd

    Young i getting pushed, great. Rhodes is getting burred, bad.3mb loses, great… just get rid of them, if they are the job squad. Lesnar needs to stopped being mentioned if he is gone till Wrestlemania. I feel like if thy keep bringing him up, he may be back soon. After he and hunters match he was talked about the Raw after and thats it.

    • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

      Rhodes is not getting buried. He lost 1 match. And it wasn’t to some random mid carder it was to Curtis Axel the 3rd generation Intercontinental champion. This loss doesn’t really hurt him. Cody’s doing just fine.

  • CM Punk Best in The World

    LOL Now the little kiddies are going to be hating on Orton & Triple H.

  • JustPro

    So let me get this straight just because Darren Young came out GAY means he gets a push and beat a better Cesaro? Now that is gay… if thats the case than maybe Zack Ryder should try that tactic and than maybe he will get his spotlight.. I mean Ryder is a better wrestler and we all know Cesaro is a better wrestler than Darren Young… Darren is BOOOORING its not that he is gay that I am against him… I just don’t like his character its boring and just has no appeal to it…

    anyways the star that keeps stealing the show has too be Daniel Bryan… Sounds like a good match against Wade Barrett who should be getting his soon…

    I don’t like the fact Christian is AGAIN dropping to job mode give him the BElT for once… However don’t mind RVD going after the title though so far I have no complaints… Anyways sounds like an interesting Smackdown… Will have to check it out for the Danial bryan segments…

    • Chelsii?

      It’s just temporary publicity using Darren Young, get over it.

  • Joseph Douglas

    I kn ew they would start pushing Darren Young

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