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WWE SmackDown Spoilers – 9/6/2013

– Thanks to Barry Miller for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

* Triple H kicks off this week’s SmackDown and is holding a town hall meeting for everyone to air their grievances. The locker room is out watching from the stage. Triple H, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are in the ring. Triple H talks first about how he fired Cody Rhodes on RAW and what’s best for business.

The Shield are also out, standing guard at the ring. Triple H wants nobody to be afraid for their jobs. He lets anyone step up and ask a question but nobody does. He says no butt kissing. Damien Sandow speaks up and says he supports Triple H firing Cody Rhodes. Triple H says Cody fired Cody. Kofi Kingston speaks up and says everyone is afraid and that’s not best for business. Triple H talks about how the wrestlers’ egos are out of control and says that’s why Daniel Bryan isn’t out here. Heath Slater speaks up but Triple H cracks jokes at him. Rob Van Dam says Cody getting fired wasn’t cool and calls Triple H “dude.” Ryback speaks up and doesn’t like being called a bully. Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel and RVD vs. Randy Orton is announced for tonight. Also, Bryan gets to pick The Shield member that he wants to face tonight. Triple H gives Randy Orton a grand introduction.

* Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam is up first. Alberto Del Rio is out for commentary. Another good, lengthy match. Orton dodged a Five Star frogsplash. Orton got the win with a RKO. During the match, Del Rio interfered and it was said he appeared to have injured his arm. After the match, Del Rio beat RVD down and left him laying.

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. Bryan says WWE officials told him not to attend the town hall meeting earlier. He leaves it up to The Shield to name which member he will face tonight.

* A new vignette for Los Matadores airs.

* Segment with the Divas. AJ Lee talks with Alicia Fox and Aksana about Total Divas. AJ would rather put her title up against one of them than one of the girls from the show.

* Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next. Dean Ambrose is out on commentary. Ryback gets the win after Ambrose attacks Ziggler.

* Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel in a non-title match is up next. Axel comes out to a huge pop and a “welcome home” from the hometown crowd. Paul Heyman is with him. Kofi gets the win with a SOS.

* Backstage segment with Renee Young and Paul Heyman talking about CM Punk.

* Naomi vs. Brie Bella is up next. Cameron, Eva Marie and Nikki Bella are at ringside. The match ends with no winner as AJ brings out the other Divas and they face off against the Total Divas.

* Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro come out with Zeb Colter as a Los Matadores vignette airs. Their opponents are The Usos. Cesaro and Swagger get the win.

* Triple H is forcing Big Show to face 3MB in a handicap match. Show squashed all three members and hit the knockout punch on Heath Slater for the win. Slater was helped to the back by referees.

* The Shield come out to a big pop and surround the ring. They have chosen Seth Rollins to face Daniel Bryan in tonight’s main event. Good match. Bryan got the win after fighting off The Shield and hitting Rollins with the knee to the face. After the match, Randy Orton interrupts the celebration and attacks Bryan. SmackDown ends with Orton standing over Bryan with the WWE Title.

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  • Nour Alkaheel

    so ambrose vs ziggler and kofi vs axel for NOC

    • 1MC3

      no…Axel/Heyman vs. Punk is happening at NOC…but I have a feeling since Kofi pinned the IC Champ, he’ll face Axel again on Raw but for the belt this time, and Punk will cost him..Kofi wins the belt and defends it at NOC.

      • Nour Alkaheel

        well he’s gonna have to defend it against someone other than axel if they want to continue the punk heyman feud

  • lenncarlos

    Forced to face 3MB in a Handicap match? 3MB? really?

    • Nour Alkaheel

      Heath should’ve kept his damn mouth SHUT

  • Dylan Van den Elsen

    and for the 6th ep in a row of WWE TV orton stands over DB, this is getting stale fast

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Exactly my point

    • Jeff

      Yeah but Orton is WWE Champion and isn’t in the Main Events, the main focus is on Bryan.

      • Dylan Van den Elsen

        thats not the point im making, its the point that its lazy ass writing

        • Mike Smith

          You didn’t make a point you just complained. Very different. They are trying to get the heel group over, Bryan has been over and none of this hurts him. When you get taken out 5-1 no one hold it against you

    • jcice13

      yeah we get the point vince, bryan is an underdog, lazy ass writing =’s lousy ass tv

  • tmeister

    Why do they keep doing my boi kofi like that, he has held that, the u.s title, and tag team title mulpite times. I know they not going to put any world title on him soon but at least try to push him.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I always thought that he should be the one that they push

      • tmeister

        You would think after he had return that they would claiming they want a top black babyface smh

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          I agree because they are wasting his talents

  • Sean Blake

    SmackDown was in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA and no Brock Lesnar?? He lives like an hour from there, so why not?

  • Grealla

    Ends with Bryan beat up in the middle of the ring once again…

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      This is getting so old

      • Grealla

        I know… I don’t like seeing him beat up constantly. I’m a fan

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          Me either i hope he can get his revenge one day.

          • tom

            and ride unicorns over rainbows and get world peace

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    The Smackdown ending still the same old situation Daniel Bryan gets beat up again

    • tek ram sharma

      i believe at night of champ. all titles need to be change hands. wwe is getting boring day by day. no new talent. just cena and orten. for some good time they need some entertaining wrestlers like edge, batista,cena or curt angle. i think they need to polish dolph, wade barret and bryen. wwe is wasting their talent. if such boring things happens again and again wwe will loses all of its market potential

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I agree

  • Ebenezer Grymm

    This really is getting old, stale, and just plain bad fast.

    WWE put themselves in this situation by not building anyone but Cena properly for the past ~10 years though. Had they Had more proper feasible stars they wouldn’t have to do a long buildup like this to fill in the big time face role with Cena out.

    They tried with Punk and it just fizzled. Punk is boring now and has been for months, even before Wrestlemania.

    And they’re botching with DBry now, too. He was already over, no need to put him over more in this stupid program. They should have rode the wave that was already there instead of stopping it in its tracks and trying to build another wave.

  • tom

    wwe is not trying to make u happy and have it your way, there mission is to keep u glued to the tv to see what happens next, that’s just business

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Yeah well some got out of this storyline already because it is the same every week

  • Maddox

    Since Bryan isn’t going to win the title at NOC, why are they beating him up every week up until NOC? It’s getting stale and kinda killing his momentum and making he entire roster look bad plus I think Kofi will break the record for most midcard titles held in once career

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      They need too add something new in the syoryline and i hope Kofi Kingston can get a big push.

  • Macho Man

    Yet again, Orton standing over Bryan! BORING!!!! We’ve seen enough now! We all know one guy can’t beat 4 or 5. Don’t try to tell me they need to get the heels over because all the heels are already over. It’s time to give the babyfaces they’re turn. It’s getting VERY STALE, VERY FAST!
    WWE Creative needs to be a little more “CREATIVE”!

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I agree if they do not change it up then it will be a very boring storyline.

  • Shell

    Goddammit Bryan, go get a truck filled with shaving cream and spray at the Corporation.

  • mrlaw

    Stop complaining about Daniel Bryan being left laying in the ring.. He’s fighting against 4 guys?? How long did it take for WCW wrestlers to finally stop taking an ass whooping from the NWO when they first arrived.. NWO dominated the WCW wrestlers for weeks, maybe months before they finally fought back and gained a little bit of an upper hand.. All the other WWE wrestlers can’t do a damn thing because they are afraid of Triple H.. Eventually, Vince McMahon will have to turn face and even the odds. And who knows, perhaps Bryan will be the one standing come Monday which is the last RAW before Night of Champions..

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