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WWE Star Back to Working Out, Jericho Gives Huge Props to WWE Star, Regal Hacked

– WWE Superstar William Regal had his Twitter account hacked this weekend.

– Injured WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson has returned to the United States after a trip to his home country of Guyana. Zeke says he had an awesome revelation after returning home but did not specify, just told fans to stay tuned. Zeke also says he’s back to working out:

“First workout in 2 months, I feel great…. Patience Zeke be patient. This is just the beginning, cause “you ain’t seen nothing yet””

– Chris Jericho did a Q&A with fans on Twitter this weekend and revealed that he is currently working on his third book while touring with Fozzy and taking time away from WWE. Jericho says he has a title for the book in mind but did not reveal it.

A fan asked Jericho’s thoughts on Dolph Ziggler. Jericho has put Ziggler over in the past and this time called him a “future champion and cornerstone of WWE.”

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  • Wonder

    Y2J Knows what he’s talking about.

  • Jay

    People stop asking the same questions, Jericho believes in 3 guys. Ziggler, Sandow, and The Miz we should all know this by now.

    And bag on the Miz all you want, but as you can see if any of the guys right now got picked on and hazed as much as the Miz, they would of left. But The Miz has stayed and been going strong, so don’t even start about the Miz being terrible. He loves the business more than 90% of the people sitting reading this.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ Miz sucks shit and everyone knows it, no one cares if he ‘loves the business’. Nobody likes him in or out of the ring.

  • Fritz

    Keep on proving how little you know.

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    Ziggler and Sandow are definitely future and present stars, and have the confidence, talent, and passion to be the go-to guys for a long time.
    With Miz, it’s been a little hit and miss. When he’s confidant, he’s a great heel that you love to hate. Unfortunately, the lack of push he’s been dealing with lately has seemingly taken its toll as he seems less confidant when talking and when wrestling. He did a pretty mediocre job at the announce table, botched moves on occasion, and wasn’t all that spectacular with Miz tv (though the booking for that didn’t make him look very strong). I think the guy needs decent feuds vs guys like Ziggler and Ryder right now: similar size, whom he can spare with on the mic, and help him get his confidence back.
    A Miz who thinks he’s getting a push is a motivated and confidant Miz, and I think we still haven’t seen the best out of this guy yet, if the booking is done right.
    A face turn might even be interesting.

  • showoff

    yayyyyyyyy!! zeke jus told me his revelation he met dean malenko n he gave him a new nickname n finishing move… the man of 2 moves! n get his new finishing move… wait for it… an even bigger clothesline then before!

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