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WWE Star Goes Missing Backstage After Bad Match, What Will WWE Do for Lawler on RAW?

– A fan on Twitter asked Jim Ross if WWE will do anything to show support for Jerry Lawler on Monday’s RAW. Ross replied:

“Likely an update, well wishes, paycheck.”

– The match with Sin Cara vs. The Miz on Friday’s SmackDown was heavily edited, as you probably could tell by watching the match. Fans in attendance noted to us that it was one of Cara’s most-botched performances yet.

Word is that Cara went missing backstage for a while after the match. People were looking for him but he was nowhere to be found. Cara was seen walking from the ring to the backstage area shaking his head. The feeling was that Cara knew that the match didn’t go well at all.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Chelsii.

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous… the WWE should train every full time active wrestler on the WWE roster to learn how to perform and sell the moves Sin Cara does. They hyped him up for all those months, with him being the hottest new talent early last year. They’ve done nothing to make him look talented. The Miz is probably one of the worst at the moment to not be able to perform the other person’s moves with them.

  • jayman

    why are you blaming the miz? the miz knows how to wrestle unlike botch cara. you fucking troll

  • Real Kosher

    jayman are you serious? both have screwed up but you can’t just blame sin cara on this one…miz has fucked several things up in the past

  • Chelsii.

    Miz knows how to wrestle?

    He has about 2.5/5 wrestling ability and is dangerous to everyone he steps in the ring with. Ask R-Truth and Rey Mysterio, Miz can’t stop hurting people who are better wrestlers than him.

  • Joseph

    Mysterio has injured people, Cena gave Miz a concussion, Cara botches every damn match. Who exactly has Miz injured ans where are your sources?

  • harshbaid

    i don’t get why does this guy botches so much..it’s not like he ‘s a bad wrestler ..

  • Joseph, “who are your sources”? You can try watching the TV. R-Truth had a concussion after Miz didn’t catch him as he flew over the top rope in the pre-EC battle royal. Miz powerbombed Rey at Summerslam which resulted in Mysterio having a concussion. I don’t recall Cena injuring more than one person… which ironically (by funny coincidence) was the Miz.

  • Miz isn’t a good wrestler and that’s the fact.

  • bobbyy rooooooodddeee

    he may botch everything but id like to see some people who complain about him go do some of the moves he does, and not mess up a little

  • Wrestling Troll

    I can see why Smackdown barely ever has live shows.

  • bomb

    This site must be really popular with mexican fans because every comment about sin cara’s botching are instantly voted down.

    Sin Cara is constantly having horrible matches. The only guys who apparently can have a decent match with him are daniel bryan and heath slater so don’t blame the miz for his errors. Somehow Sin Cara manages to have botchfests with everybody, even with great workers like Ziggler and Rhodes, so he’s the one who needs to adapt and improve his work.

  • brandon

    I’m gonna have to agree with Chelsii on this one.

    I like Miz and all but he’s not a fantastic in ring performer. From what I’ve seen from Sin Cara as Mistico, he’s an awesome in ring performer. Something isn’t right here.

  • Cee Jaih

    Sin Cara is a good performer, like Chelsii said they have to learn to sell his moves.

    When Rey was gunna debut they had to learn to sell his moves, and they did.

    They didnt do that with Sin Cara, they figured Sin Cara wouldnt have different moves than Rey, Chavo was the only one who had a good match with Sin Cara and that was because he knew how to sell his moves.

  • Erwin

    what a wise move by the WWE, putting arguably the best luchador in the world in a match against someone who barely trained as a wrestler.. obviously it was going to be a botch fest!

    I don’t care what you Miz cock suckers say, he’s a fucking terrible wrestler. He’s a good entertainer but extremely stiff in the ring, he’s even worse than Cena.

  • bomb

    Mistico worked the CMLL lucha style which is completely different from the WWE style. He needs to adapt.

    Rey Mysterio has been wrestling in the US for a very long time, that’s why he works that high-flying wihtout any type of problem. The problem is not in his opponents, nor the way they “sell” his moves. (I don’t think you’re using that term in the correct way, btw). He botches constantly because he has no chemistry with any of his opponents and that creates issues in the rhythm and flow of the match.

    Ziggler and Sin Cara botched his spanish fly/C4. If the problem is in his moves then why didn’t anyone botch it when John Morrison and Paul Burchill were doing it?

    Sin Cara is the one to blame here that’s why he hid in the bathroom until everyone backstage forgot how awful his match was.

  • Rg41982

    Yea don’t like the miz but praise bums like drew McIntyre or anyone from tna. Cara is great in Mexico. But they wrestle on the right side there and it is really hard for him it seems to keep it going on the left. I hope he gets it together. And all wrestlers make mistakes. Miz can do what he likes he is a future hof.

  • WrestleDaMania

    Dolph messed up at MITB

  • Snoopy

    Sin cara is a future hall of famer, what the hell is Miz doing making him look bad? Really Miz? Really?

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