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WWE Star Has Backstage Incident with Cena, Big Rumored WWE Release Confirmed

– Kharma confirmed on Twitter this week that she was indeed released from WWE. A fan asked if it was true that Kharma was “granted” her release from WWE. Kharma replied:

“yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.”

– Regarding Alex Riley’s status with WWE, it’s said that he lost his push that was in the works because of a backstage incident with John Cena.

PWInsider.com reports word going around is that a while back, Riley was backstage with John Cena and Cena was ribbing him in front of some of the other wrestlers. Riley reportedly came back angrily at Cena, which was seen as him “breaking the code of the locker-room.”

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  • Joseph Graves

    Not really surprising that Cena ruined a push for somebody. He probably dishes it out but can’t take it and cried to Vince.

  • Chelsii.

    Thanks a lot Cena…. dick.

  • Mick

    Wow, and you people don’t know that Riley just took a rib too seriously. It’s not as if ribs are anything new in wrestling. Also “breaking the code of the locker room,” did you not read that?

  • ReVeLaTeD

    Did Riley turn around to Cena and yell “SAY IT TO MY FAAAAAAACCCCEEEE!!!”?

  • Garvin

    I personally do not see riley as a star but he had great crowd reactions after his face turn. It still sucks that Cena stopped his push

  • Mindy

    Looks like Cena is becoming this generations Triple H. Really dissapointed in him, I always thought he was a nice guy.

    First, he is pushed down our throats and is as stale as stale can be. Second, he is expected to break Flair’s record and last, he doesn’t want younger talent to succeed.

  • The Anonymous RAW GM

    and the crowd erupts “Fuck You CENA” *clap clap, clap clap clap*

  • RCmaster305

    because he didnt like being ribbed he is dosent deserved to be pushed? wow fucking wow great logic wwe

  • Whoa, people! I like A-Ry, and he deserves a push, and maybe he over-reacted to a rib, a practical joke. But don’t blame John Cena for a hot-headed rookie’s lack of a sense of humor. If Cena doesn’t want young talent to succeed, then why is he down in Tampa, Florida, every week, working out the developmental talents? In many cases, he actually supervises them, and puts them through their paces like a Sergeant. Seems to me, Cena helps the young talents more than most veterans do.

  • glitch

    i think after all the abuse cena takes from all the hostile situations he has been put him, he is capable of brushing off a simple snap back from riley. i’m sure he wouldn’t even feel like his time was worth wasting on sabotaging a career that realistically isn’t going nowhere anyways. but like in true iwc form, every time a talent falls short of accomplishing something in his career, fingers automatically point in cena’s direction even though it was clearly stated that the incident happened infront of many people, who are just as capable of crying about it to vince as cena is.

  • Muscleman

    That is what happens when you mess with the cash cow.

  • Cee Jaih

    Wateva it was shuldnt hav been said, it offend’d Riley enuff 2 react, so wateva it was he shuldnt hav said it n mayb it wsnt Cena who cry’d 2 Vince, we dnt kno we werent dere

  • bobby

    fck cena

  • Mindy

    Funny how the kids of today’s era are thumbing down my comment just because I pointed towards Triple H. You guys really need to take a research. Triple H buried many wrestlers carreers back in the attitude era and even after.

    – Kozlov
    – Umaga
    – RVD
    – Booker T
    – Tazz

    Triple H also buried Carlito extremely badly, even to the point that people couldn’t even see the supposed “feud” between them to be anything worth noting. It is most noticeable how badly HHH destroyed Carlito in the HHH vs. Vince McMahon and Carlito match, as after the match ended, HHH literally destroyed Carlito for over three minutes to serve no real purpose. It was even to the point that the fans didn’t even react to it.

    Triple H also destroyed Brian Kendrick and Paul London. It was already bad enough that HHH defeated strong Tag Team Champions in Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade, but then to also destroy two people that were supposed to be assisting him when he was getting attacked boggles my mind.

    In his return from his first major injury as well, HHH buried Chris Jericho and made his status as Undisputed Champion mean almost nothing compared to him, not to mention that Jericho being the champion was put below his storyline with Stephanie McMahon.

    He tried to stop making “The Rock” happen in the attitude era because of his jealousy towards Rock, but Rock did draw crowds and had really great control so WWE decided not to listen, so they gave The Rock the push he deserved, no matter how much Triple H complained.

    These are all confirmed confirmed from reliable reports so yeah…

  • Rob

    Triple H used to end many pushes like Kozlov and Umaga plus back in the day aswell when he did with Tazz, Jericho, RVD, Booker T.

    He also tried to stop “The Rock” and “Stone Cold” from happen because of jealousy.

  • Rob

    Don’t forget he also thought Kurt Angle was too small to be a world champion, but got proved wrong.

  • Cee Jaih

    N he prolly got mad cuz he did it round otha superstars instead of pullinqq hym aside n tellinqq hym wateva

  • Victor

    I see a future star in Alex Riley. Listen to the crowd reactions that he has. He’s good in the ring, on the mic, and has carisma. What more do you want? Fuck Cena.

  • Andre

    Wow what a little bitch Cena is…

  • Mindy

    I took a long research on Cena reports and found out that he once placed a camera in Melina and John Morrison’s locker room back when they were newly traded to RAW to film their sex tape, but Nitro discovered the camera and threw a hissy fit and then got his IC title push taken from him.

    Also found out that Cena often make these “homophobic” remarks, similiar to the ones he made in the rap battles back in the day. Maybe he did that with Alex Riley, and Alex Riley got mad.

    Who knows? All this proves that Cena’s humour sucks and he should stop being a gloryhog.

  • LaPlante94

    Well they always end up talking shit about him after they get released instead of saying it to his face. Atleast this time somebody actually has a reason 2. But it’s to bad because I didn’t mind Riley. Wasn’t anything special or anything but still.

  • LaPlante94

    Also I wish I was in Cena’s position because as soon as a hater says something about me I’ll just play the 50 cent song straight to the bank.

    I’m laughin’ straight to the bank with this(Ha ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha)I’m laughin’ straight to the bank with this(Ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha)I’m laughin’ straight to the bank with this (Ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha)I’m laughin’ straight to the bank with this(Ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha)I’m laughin’

  • Chelsii.

    Wait… Nitro and Melina had sex on tape in the fucking locker room?

    Dirty bitches.

  • bork lazer

    Lol Alex Riley is cool and so is cena. Cena is the nicest guy in wwe. Alex Riley has talent and will get a push but it may take some time now. Alex Riley needs to learn how to take a joke though seriously.

    But I see Riley,Rhodes,Ziggler,McIntyre,Sheamus,Swagger,Rollins,Ohno,Barrett,and slater being the main eventers in 5-10 years once cena,mysterio,HHH,Y2J,Orton,and ADR are gone.

  • bork lazer

    And also I’m sure this is being blown WAY out of proportion if Riley’s push was nixed it was DEFINATELY something more than cena joking on him. Riley could’ve thrown a hissyFit backstage and started punching walls and throwing ahit and that caused his push to be slowed,all you marks need to chill the fuck out and wait a few weeks for further reports.

  • Diesel


  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    (Ears Fly Up)

    Morrison and Melina have a sextape?!

  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    woah violated “The Code”?

    who the fuck is Cena Hammurabi?

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