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WWE Star Has Surgery Today, What Has WWE Pissed Two Nights In a Row?, Buried Alive

- WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the history of the Buried Alive match.

– WWE officials weren’t pleased with the crowd reactions at last night’s RAW in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s two nights in a row as they were very down on the Hell In a Cell crowd in Atlanta on Sunday night.

– WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman underwent knee surgery earlier today. He posted the following photo on Twitter:

bateman surgery

Partial source:

  • Joseph

    Sure, blame the fans for not cheering a boring product. Could never be the fact that the WWE has gotten awful. Idiots.

  • JG40

    Stop making shows that suck.

    Just an idea.

  • JG40

    Also. Surprised more Ryberg haters aren’t mentioning the ease with which Sheamus picked up Big Show, even with 2 inch lifts in his boots.

  • EC

    WWE, there’s the old adage,
    Shite show, shite crowd

  • Antony Copland

    Now WWE won’t be back to those cities for a WHILE, all because of the card that they, themselves, provided. They’re not impressed with the fans? Well touche, idiots, some people aren’t impressed with your product.

  • John

    “WWE is all about what the fans want.”–Yeah right. Then when they don’t jump out of their seats for your sump pump of shit you keep slarging out you hate on them for it. You want to hear the cheers of the fans? Give them someone and something to cheer about. Stupid clueless WWE assholes. Go piss on yourselves.

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