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WWE Star Pushed to a Title Shot, Video of Ryback-Heyman, Cena Talks AJ, More

– We noted before that Ryback had getting Paul Heyman up at a RAW live event over the weekend. That video is embedded below and the spot with Heyman begins around 5:40. A fan tweeted it to Bill Goldberg and Goldberg replied, “NOW comparisons offend me.”

– WWE RAW was the #1 trending TV show on Get Glue last night.

– After giving him a non-title win over United States Champion Antonio Cesaro on last night’s RAW, it appears Justin Gabriel is headed for a singles push of some kind. Before last night’s win, Gabriel had lost 12 TV/pay-per-view matches in a row. Gabriel posted a Tout video last night asking Cesaro for a title shot.

– John Cena tweeted the following early this morning about RAW last night:

“Bitter sweet #RAW last night as 1)medically i can get back to @wwe but 2) @WWEAJLee was forced to resign. #bringbackAJ”

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Danielh

    I think Ryback should stick with the clothesline. It looks awesome and he can do it to anyone much like Goldberg could with the spear. Ryback obviously isn’t weak and watching him beats watching John Cena so lets see where he goes with it. For now Im going to chant “FEED ME MORE”

  • Jay

    Oh come on, this was not that bad. It just looked like Ryback and Heyman just had bad timing, I mean Heyman is not a wrestler. Plus Ryback tried to just flip Heyman over his shoulders like a backpack.

    Ryback will be fine if he picks guys up from the side like an AA, instead of tossing them over his head because that’s when he messes up.

  • Striker9

    That wasn’t Ryback’s fault! It was Heyman’s fat belly that got in the way of his head. Hahaha.

  • eterna1mindset

    Why does anyone like ryback? I don’t get it

  • Dennis

    Ugh, Ryback is just another big steroid freak with no talent, and charisma that Vince likes to push for some reason. How this guy is main eventing, I’ll never know. Watching him, and Punk you can really tell why Punk is the best in the world.

  • Cesar

    Looks like Justin Gbriel had sex with Triple H this time, after all he is Justin Gaybriel

  • DeiXas

    How can he even dare to say that He is Better than Goldberg? Bullshit, he can’t life Heyman, Albert. How is he gonna lift mark henry or big show? Impossible when I see him struggling with smaller guys, he didn’t even cut one single promo and already claims to be better, all I can say: Botchback SUCKS!

  • Adam

    Cena is better than Goldberg, as is most decent wrestlers today. Goldberg was never fit to wash Andres jockstrap.

  • Rybork

    Come on guys, if Heyman was an over-weight wrestler and Ryback couldn’t pick him i’d admit he isn’t living up to his ‘strong’ guy hype. But Heyman isn’t a wrestler. The opponent also has to be fit and have the ability to at least get on someone’s back, Heyman doesn’t. I mean in real life i bet even Cena can’t pick up any of the guys he picks up in WWE, once someone tries to resist its almost impossible to lift them unless they are skinny. Heyman was almost impossible cause his body itself was resisting and plus all that weight (No offense). You can use Tensai as an example, but don’t judge his skills to pick someone up because of Heyman.

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