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WWE Star Turning Heel?, Rumor on Why Beth Is Leaving WWE, Kelly’s Future

– Kelly Kelly is expected to be back full-time with WWE at some point this year.

– Ted DiBiase worked in the heel role at Sunday’s SmackDown live event in London, Ontario, Canada. He lost to Kofi Kingston. DiBiase caught a dropkick early in the match, which caused his nose to be busted open.

– As noted before, Beth Phoenix is expected to leave WWE by the end of October. There’s a rumor going around that she’s looking to do some acting. Apparently Beth leaving WWE is something that she has been thinking about for a while now. Beth is believed to be leaving WWE on good terms.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • TheInstantClassic9

    “Kelly Kelly is expected to be back full-time with WWE at some point this year.”

    NO! NO! NO! *sheds tears*

  • Kayfabe fan

    ^ agreed

  • Mark Black

    Most WWE Superstars will do acting after they retire. They were all inspired by The Great One The Rock!!! As a matter of fact, WWE Studios (WWE’s film division) was created AFTER The Rock found success in Hollywood. They actually think that other WWE stars can become as successful as The Rock in acting. Lol very few have the charisma and talent that The Great One has.

  • Cee Jaih

    The women’s division is gunna be buried even more now without Beth

  • Chelsii.

    Mark, you’re such a cocksucker. Dwayne’s ‘acting ability’ is non existent compared to people like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

  • sdd619

    Wish they would let Beth go out in a Divas title match at least instead of jobbing her every match like WWE have been

  • Chelsii

    my opinions dont matter, and generally really suck ass.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Chelsii has the ability to lick her own ass.. thats why everything she has to say is always full of shit!

  • Chelsii.

    It doesn’t matter how much you people suck Dwayne’s cock, he’s nowhere near the acting and celebrity level of top hollywood mega stars. That’s not an opinion, it’s basic fact.

  • Mark Black

    @ Chelsii. We aren’t talking about Hollywood actors who were never a wrestler you DUMB BITCH!!!!!!! We are talking about wrestlers-turned-actos.

    Someone put a dick in Chelsii’s mouth so she can shut the fuck up. I bet deep down you want The Rock’s dick Chelsii so maybe The Great One need to Rock your world so you can FINNALY show him some respect.

  • Chelsii.

    I don’t give a fuck if it’s wrestlers turned actor, the ‘success’ Dwayne found in Hollywood is just multiple poorly made and poorly sold movies. Again, you’re such a cocksucker the way you talk about me FINALLY (you dumb cunt) being shown some respect from ‘The Great One’. Dwayne is not the Hollywood star you all think he is, and he isn’t the attitude era star he thinks he is.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin > Dwayne Johnson anyday.

  • GN-0015

    I guess she’s just getting some time off from wrestling. Let her do something different from what she had stuck with for years, and who knows she’ll be back sooner or later. Wish you luck, Beth.

  • Chelsii

    You guys are all right. My IQ level is not high enough to even be allowed to touch a computer.

    I will go away now, and go roll around in urine.

  • Bane

    Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper anybody 4 inspiration. But who gives a fuck, we need wrestlers not actors. Wrestlers!!!!

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    You kidding me? Any role that calls for a stupidly strong, scary looking woman that can kick most dudes’ asses (and that role pops up more than you think), Beth Phoenix has it on lock.

    She might as well leave now, anyway. The Divas’ division has become such a joke that not even her presence could save it. (And that’s not completely for lack of talent – it’s for lack of attention) Although I don’t think she’s DONE with wrestling. She’ll probably go work some indie events – schedule’s not as brutal and the booking isn’t as stupid in most cases. I don’t know what her specific relationship status is with Edge, but the timing of her leaving might indicate that they’re thinking about getting married. So, more power to her. What does she have left to prove in the Divas’ division, anyway, especially since the ‘dream match’ with Kharma doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon? One can only win the Tramp Sta-er, Divas title so many times before it becomes old hat.

  • Chelsii

    You’re all pricks I hate you all, Dwayne johnsoon is a dick and I like Cena. OK I’m 13 fa fuck sake TOUR ALL CUNNTS !!!! Loooool slays SMH SO MANY HEBREWS hahaha o my gad my dad go t a ten Inc diiiikkkkk sooo embarrassed by my sister she gets it all :””””””'(

  • Jay

    @Chelsii Ok your a little right that the rock is not an A list actor, but he can play a lot more different roles than Austin. And he may not be A List actor but he is probably the biggest action star going which is a different class of actor. Seth Rogan is an A list comedy actor but not an A list actor.

    Plus, you are dead wrong about any wrestler having anywhere close to the acting chops of the Rock. Cena is no where on the same level as Rocky, also wrestlers didn’t have strict scripts in the attitude era like they do now. Even Cena readsfrom it. Only wrestler who would be close is Chris Jericho.

  • Jay, I like Rock’s movies as I’m sure everyone else here does… I never was a F&F fan, but I did watch Fast Five & will probably watch Fast Six. But The Rock is honestly not much of an ‘action star’. Movies like Welcome to the Jungle/The Rundown, Walking Tall, Doom & The Other Guys are not very great examples of Rock’s ‘action stardom’. The Scorpion King & Fast Five are the only credible ones (With GI Joe 2 approaching soon) that could say he’s an action star.

    I’d still consider most of The Expendables cast the best action stars at the moment. Even though Jason Statham has been ‘The Action Guy’ for the last few years as well as Tony Jaa in less known movies like the Ong Bak series & The Protector (Which had Nathan Jones as a primary villain).

  • Chelsii.

    ^ I like Tony Jaa.

    Anyway, look at how many people on this site suck Dwayne’s cock. If he’s such a Hollywood megastar, why has he never won an award? He’s NEVER even been NOMINATED (at this point in time) for an award. He’s never won/been nominated for an Oscar/Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA.. fuck, even MTV awards. The fact that Robert Pattinson has multiple MTV awards for Twilight where Dwayne (and none of his movies)has none, shows how insignificant and irrelevant he is in the acting world.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Chelsii. Well, geez… anyone who’s watched wrestling in the past 10 years should know better than to equate popularity or ‘relevance’ with quality. Hell, even when success is measured in terms of how much money is brought in, being financially successful doesn’t always mean something’s quality. Up until this year, Cena’s name sold more merchandise in WWE than anyone. Does that make him the best WRESTLER WWE has on their roster?

    Do I even have to answer that one? Do I?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    And in other news, why in the FUCK is Ted DiBiase a heel again? He was actually getting pretty over in his face run, and the midcard singles scene needs a face that can be taken seriously as a wrestler. Enough turning midcard faces into joke characters. That said, I like Santino because Santino is actually really fucking hilarious most of the time. Ryder’s not horrible, but he needs to freshen up (not necessarily completely change) his gimmick and expand his moveset. But I wish they’d just let him wrestle. He’s a lot better than WWE will allow him to show. (I sincerely thought this last storyline with him and Cesaro was going to lead to him dropping the Cobra and debuting a new, legitimate finisher. Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed.)

  • TonyT

    K2 should go ‘heel’. Although it would probably be a rehashed version of Maryse’s character.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Lmfao… Did Chelsii seriously call that Twilight Fag a “Better actor” just because he’s got many awards? Lmfao.. Aye Chelsii, Robert Pattinson won most awards because of desperate chicks like you who somehow fancy getting bitten by a vampire that sparkles…. they vote and he wins.

    Btw the Rock has been Nominated a couple of times, and thats all that matters.

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