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WWE Stars Comment on Grueling Tour, Swagger Gets a Win, More

– As it is every year, there are reports of grumpy crew members and tired talents headed home from WWE’s tour of Europe. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston commented:

“The body seems to know when a long tour’s over. Like my brain says ‘it’s ok to be sore now.” Someone tell it I still have RAW and Smackdown!”

WWE Champion CM Punk tweeted:

“Thanks Strasbourg, Nantes, Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Cardiff and Minehead. I’m shot.”

– Jack Swagger picked up a win over Ted DiBiase at last night’s live event in Lisbon, Portugal. Swagger is still sporting his different look but his character is the same. He won via ankle lock.

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  • Jack

    If this comment hits 100 thumbs by Monday, when Raw starts I will leave this website.

  • rob

    @Jack No one gives a fuck

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    :-\ I was hoping they would turn Swagger face or change his gimmick a bit. You’d think the would have done SOMETHING since they made it a point to dedicate a backstage segment to Swagger deciding to take a leave of absence.

  • jerichoholic3

    @jack i wish lisa would make a deal like that..

  • Jack

    Me too jerichoholic 3

  • No one cares if you like this on facebook!

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    stone cold says fuck you mark richardson and kyle cabral on facebook

  • Jack

    Raw is on now and my comment didn’t make it to 100. I’m not going anywhere.

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