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WWE Stars Super Excited, WWE Wanting Old Fans Back, Former Stars at SmackDown

– WWE has been holding focus groups in the New York City area for males and females ages 18-54, who are current or former fans, to discuss the WWE product, it’s positives and negatives, and if they stopped watching regularly and why they stopped watching. The focus groups were started by WWE to begin coming up with ways to bring back fans and to work on weaknesses in the current product.

– Former WWE star Sylvan Grenier was backstage at last night’s SmackDown tapings from Connecticut. Grenier accompanied students from his wrestling school for pre-show tryout matches. ECW Original Justin Credible was also backstage at last night’s tapings visiting friends.

– Internally, it’s said that the WWE roster and crew members are looking forward to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view as much as they look forward to a WrestleMania or other major, exciting event. The recent happenings between CM Punk and John Cena is the hot topic within the company.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • Jesse



    BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE ERA PEOPLES!!! Then maybe they would get more fans back DUH!

  • Old Fan

    If the WWE would like their old fans back, here are suggestions:

    1) Remove this PG era. This PG era is also the reason why the intergender matches disappeared from the Raw vs Smackdown video games and so the fans went away. That’s censorship and it sucks. Remember your greatest well loved game was the 2003 ps2’s “Here comes the pain” because there was no censorship where Lesnar beat the daylights out of Stacy Keibler.

    2) Bring back the Attitude era. It was great in those days: there was the NWO in WCW and the Attitude Era in WWE. We had the best of both worlds. bring back the carnage.

    3) The name WWE sucks. Bring back your old name, the World Wrestling Federation. That had a lot of teeth and muscle. Why are you afraid of the panda fans of World Wildlife Fund?

    4) Stop treating your WWE Hall of Famers like dirt, being bullied around by your younger stars. That’s disrespectful. If your WWE alumni became bad guys beating up your young stars, that will be awesome. The alumni have a loyal fan base and they can afford to go nuts while your new stars need to be heroes to boost their popularity. Imagine the Honky Tonk Man smashing a guitar on Randy Orton’s head! That would be great!

    5) No one sounded better than Howard Finkel. Your announcers today sound bad and sissy.

    6) Bring back the monsters. In our day, we had King Kong Bundy, the Powers of Pain and Evil Managers all over the place.

    7) Did you see Kharma “Awesome Kong” cry in front of the divas a year ago? That was ridiculous. Stop treating your fans as kids. Stop the drama, stop the trash talks. We want action.

    8) Remember the old days when the arena had those large metal barricades at ringside and the venue really looked like a battlefield?

    9) Just watch the WWE classic matches (ex. Ultimate Warrior vs Andre The Giant) and see how your current shows suck! Just copy the winning formula you had back then. What’s so hard about that?

    WWE doesn’t listen to the fans, of the TV show and the video games. What I said here is the same comments we over and over on the internet for many years already. Listen, do your thing and maybe the fans will come back.

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