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WWE Steering Clear Of All Recent TNA Talent – Not Talking To Ric Flair

Don’t expect the likes of Alex Shelley, Velvet Sky, Devon, Angelina Love or even Hall of Famer Ric Flair to pop up in a WWE ring anytime soon. According to Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon’s company is steering clear of any and all recently affiliated TNA Wrestling talent while the two grappling organizations do battle in court.

On May 23, 2012, TNA Entertainment, LLC. filed a lawsuit in Nashville, Tennessee against World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and Brian Wittenstein, a former office worker for both organizations. TNA accused WWE of obtaining secret contract information in an attempt to poach their talent in violation of Tennessee’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Wittenstein, who worked for TNA Wrestling for three years, was terminated on August 3, 2011. At that time, he entered into a Separation Agreement and General Release, preventing him from disclosing certain confidential TNA information. TNA alleges that Wittenstein violated the agreement by downloading confidential TNA trade secrets and providing that information to WWE after joining the organization months later. Although WWE fired Wittenstein and alerted TNA officials as to the disclosure of the information, TNA claims WWE waited three weeks to notify them and has used the confidential information, including data regarding wrestler compensation, to recruit contracted TNA talent to work for WWE. Wittenstein’s contract with TNA had specifically ordered that he not share confidential information about the organization after his employment ceased.

Matt Morgan, who had teased joining WWE since concluding his contractual obligations to TNA in June, resurfaced at Saturday’s house show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dressed in street clothes, Morgan entered the ring through the crowd and laid out Robbie E. Meltzer wrote on the F4WOnline.com message board regarding Morgan’s apparently renewed partnership with TNA, “I guess that tells you about that TNA lawsuit now since they didn’t take Morgan.”

It has also been speculated that Alex Shelley and Ric Flair could wind up in WWE now that both individuals are free agents. Meltzer, however, reveals that the organization is not negotiating with either talent despite being legally able to.

“Nobody is talking about Shelley and they won’t even officially talk to Flair even though his non-compete is up,” he wrote.

Following the lawsuit filing, it was reported that TNA was looking to cut costs by restructuring talent contracts when they expired. This ploy appears to have led to the respective departures of Devon and Velvet Sky since both talents reportedly left the organization due to their financial terms not being reached on new deals.

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  • Richie

    TNA needs to get their head outta their asses! If they wanna cut costs, they need to get rid of the Hogans and Bischoff! THAT, would save them a ton of money! With Hulk reportedly getting 75,000 per night that he appears on TV…if thats true its freakin INSANE! What does he do thats worth that much! Get rid of the Hogans and bring back Velvet and Devon and the others who may have left due to financial disagreements! Come on TNA…IF wrestling matters…prove it!

  • Mick

    TNA’s goal in all this is to prevent some of their talent from going to WWE. The sad part is that the consequence is them losing talent, and coming off as a bit dumb. Not only that, restructuring contracts, that’s sure to piss off some wrestlers with deals coming up.

    Rather than worry about TNA talent going to WWE, why not worry about their own damn company, their own damn product?

  • I want Angelina in WWE!

  • blake

    if tna wants to cut costs fire kurt angle, bischoff, hogan, pritchard and al snow, those guys are not really benefiting tna and i think tna has gotten worse this year that i think it will go bankrupt thanks to the stupid dixie carter’s “decisions”. she fucking sucks at promoting and managing wrestling and they should bring back jeff jarrett so he can manage tna.

  • wrestlinfan

    if i where the released talent, i would file a counter suit against tna stating that their actions are wrongfully costing me chances ate getting another job.

  • Adam

    WWE got caught with their hand in the cookie jar by illegally offering Flair a contract while he was still contracted to TNA. That was begging to be taken to court. Don’t knoe why they are steering clear of uncontracted former TNA wrestlers, unless they are trying to impress the judge in their court case.

  • Brett

    TNA is a horrible company anyways. They have stole way too many ideas from WWE to be filing a fucking lawsuit against them. All their talent would honestly be better off in WWE….especially the likes of Alex Shelly and Devon which are too good to be in TNA anyways. TNA does not give one shit about any of their talent signed. If someone gets injured they don’t care! The company will either end up shut down one of these days or go bankrupt because of a shitty story line and the fact that they filed a lawsuit that they will most likely fucking lose

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