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WWE Stocks Surge After Today’s Conference Call

Since this morning’s third quarter conference call ended, WWE’s stock price has jumped to 13.14, making it up $1.30 for the day. This is huge for World Wrestling Entertainment, as stocks have not been this high since 2011.

Source: PWInsider.com

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  • Alpha_Omega

    Gutted Stephanie. Should have more confidence in your dad’s company and hold out for more money when selling your stock.

    • Izo

      …she took out money to buy a home?

      • Alpha_Omega

        I know. But I fail to believe she needed the money so badly to fund her house she needed to sell alot of her stock.

        • Izo

          and that’s where her money was, not in some treasure chest burried under headquarters lol.

          • Alpha_Omega

            She works, she doesn’t get paid in stock, she gets paid in money. Same goes for Triple H. That’s 2 incomes. I fail to see her needing the money so badly she needed to sell alot of her stock with 2 source of incomes and i’m sure Vince or Linda will be more than happy to help out whatever way they can. House is/will be for their grandchildren after all.

          • Izo

            yea she works, gets paid, and then? where does that money go? she reinvests it in the company. that’s where the bulk of their money is. That’s what people with money do. They generally don’t just plop it all in a bank.

          • Alpha_Omega

            “That’s what people with money do. They generally don’t just plop it all in a bank.”

            Then what would the point of having banks?

          • Izo

            to have easier and quicker access to money. While some people will store their money in a bank, if you know how to invest then that’s a much more beneficial way of spreading it. Bill gates for instance, you think he has a bank account of “x’ billion dollars, hell no, he has it invested in microsoft. Why would Stephanie put her earnings in a bank when she can make more money off of it in stocks and help out her family’s company?

          • SdotC

            No offense because I’m not at all trying to be rude, but you seem to be quite uneducated on this subject. Triple H and Stephanie are at the top of the payroll on a publicly traded global company… a lot of their paycheck DOES come in stocks. Rather than giving Steph say an extra $1mil in cash, it may be more practical to offer someone in her position stocks that are (technically) worth more than that. I’m sure the people like Kevin Dunn all have a similar deal. However, HHH probably DOES get paid in straight cash for his 1-3 matches a year, though he doesn’t get as much as one might think.

            No one acts like Stephanie and Triple H have the money that Vince has anyway… but just because they aren’t worth $750mil, that doesn’t mean they’re going broke lol. It’s WISE for her to take the money from her stocks and not her bank. If anything at all, it says more about the stock being devalued in her eyes than it does her needing money. Again, you seem very uneducated on this subject.

            Besides, Steph could declare bankrupcy tomorrow and be more rich by New Years than any of us will ever be, probably 10x over.

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    You gotta wonder if Stephanie wanted to punch random people after seeing the stock prices rise. She sold over 850,000 shares so shes out over a cool million now because she sold the stock at a lower price than it is now.

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