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WWE Superstar Suspended After Incident With Vince McMahon

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WWE has suspended Titus O’Neil after he had an incident with Vince McMahon on RAW. After RAW went off the air on the USA Network, the WWE Network streamed a live feed from the arena of Daniel Bryan celebrating with fans at ringside following his retirement speech. All of the main roster WWE stars were on stage as well as Vince McMahon. Bryan was hugged by Vince and walked to the back. Before the live feed ended, O’Neill grabbed McMahon in a “playful, physical way.” However, McMahon didn’t take it like that and shoved O’Neil. McMahon was angry at being grabbed and that led to the suspension.

WWE informed O’Neil that he was suspended when he arrived at Tuesday’s SmackDown TV tapings. WWE told him to go home. It’s being reported that he has been suspended for upwards of 90 days.

WWE has removed the WWE Network exclusive video of Bryan’s farewell from Youtube and WWE.com as well as the WWE Network.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Darth Revan

    Congratulations Vince, you are an idiot. Punishing Titus for THAT? I thought Vince liked him and Titus was doing A LOT of promotional stuff for WWE. Not to mention Father of the Year award. One more time Vince- congratulations you old bastard.

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Sure. Go to your work place, grab your boss and yank him by his hand when he comes out of a busy meeting. Let’s see if your boss handles it by yanking your hand back or fires you for physical assault.

      • Darth Revan

        Maybe I misspoke. Punishment is required but not for 90 days- it’s the same punishment wrestlers get for violation of wellnes policy. God damn it, if it was Cena, HHH or even Roman, they wouldn’t even bat an eye.

        • Fat Owens Fat

          First off, its reduced to 60. Second off, the other guys wouldn’t act like buffoons around Vince on camera unless scripted to.

  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    Honestly I played back that last second a hundred times cuz I could not tell if it was a scuffle or a playful push. Titus suddenly grabbed Vince arm and yanked him around Vince then pushed him as hard as he could away. Steph and Hunter was smiling I believe but it looked as though to me that immediately after Vince and dB had a little exchange on the ramp it looked like Vince and dB had a scuffle of words while having forced smiles. It then cuts to Titus grabbing Vince and yanking him towards him as he tried to walk away as if he was gonna give him a “what’d you just say?!” i watched this many times zoomed in at different angles on slow MO. Do it yourself and prove me wrong


      That’s what I saw too,brother!

      • Joshua Daniel Cooke

        Any one else seeing this!?

        • Crazy_Victor

          I watched it so many times too. At the end of the footage. I though it was playful but reading this now… It wasn’t.

  • MikeLo #NewNation


  • jeff

    I watched it live and said to myself that was weird when Titus grabbed him. Then I looked at Vince’s face and I though he was smiling and laughing almost being playful with him. Oh well that should tell you something, don’t mess around with your boss on national tv. Ribbing someone or not find another target other than the boss.

    • Buss da 6’1

      90 days tho

      • Joseph Lisnow

        people who use steroids get the same punishment. something’s wrong.

        • DJRedders

          Worst thing is, a failure of the Wellness Policy a SECOND time is only 60 days…

  • Buss da 6’1

    He can say the n word on TV but can’t take a joke

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    People in that company have been slapped on the wrist for far worse. You take a guy that’s done nothing but good for your product and suspend him for that length of time? Trips, say what you will about him, sure as hell wouldn’t have done that, but if he doesn’t go to bat for Titus in this instance then he’s equally guilty. It’s bad enough that the product is at a several-year low and most of the people that give RAW any semblance of organic star power are out with injuries. I’m seriously considering not watching RAW or Smackdown until the suspension is lifted. If I miss WrestleMania, I miss WrestleMania. I don’t think I’d be missing much anyway.

  • Lemmy Is God

    The video doesn’t give a clear view, and 90 days does seem excessive but maybe he shouldn’t be grabbing his boss like that

  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    Anyone else seeing what i saw? I have the video still if you want to look

  • nick

    Grow the hell up Vince. You’re 80 let the ego trip go

  • Philip Hollett

    Pro wrestler gets suspended grabbing someones wrist……

    More proof WWE is racist.

  • Lisa

    Titus, know your freaking place. Don’t disrespect your boss on national TV.

    • Lemmy Is God

      100% agree, you goof around backstage, not when the camera is rolling

  • Zack

    How S*** dude. Lighten up Vince. If you don’t like it, just tell him to not do it again. You don’t hang his career out to dry.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Stupid Vince Stupid

  • FacePuncher

    Vince suspended Titus coz he doesn’t like black people touching him, only opening his car door for him, shining his shoes or asking him which floor he would like to go to. Vince probably called dBry the ‘N’ word and Titus reacted.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      seems far stretched.

  • Thomas Øksne Elverhøi

    That what she said

  • The Shockmaster

    That’s his push done and dusted

  • jcice13

    so was he just fooling around with Vince? being playful? have they done anything like this before with each other? a couple of guys kidding? because if Titus was being playful Vince should just sit back and think and rescind the punishment BUT 90 days?

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