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WWE Using a New Match Stipulation Soon – Instant Replays?, AJ’s Mention on RAW

– As noted before, WWE has been considering doing some kind of storyline with instant replays.

RAW General Manager AJ Lee mentioned on RAW this week that WWE does not do instant replays and won’t be doing them. This was mentioned for a reason.

The latest word on WWE using instant replays is that it would likely be used as a stipulation or a gimmick for a certain match, not something that’s used for every match on the card.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Real Kosher

    instant replay is gonna come off so cheesy and hokie in WWE….I don’t see them pulling it off in a believable way

  • The False


  • Manny

    Anything to fill out 3 hours?

  • rob

    ^^ God forbid they fill out the 3 hours with actual wrestling and legit feuds not just 2 people tossed together

  • Abrech

    Does this mean that every “instant replay” match is going to have cheating, outside interference or inept referees? Not the greatest idea.

  • JBone

    didnt they go to reply for the undertaker Batista cage match when they hit floor at same time? or am i thinking of something else

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