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WWE Using Hall Of Famer For WrestleMania 32 Angle

WWE Hall of Fame
Mick Foley will have some sort of role for an angle heading into WrestleMania 32. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated Foley could appear as early as next Monday’s RAW to begin the storyline.

At this time, how WWE will use Foley is unknown. Due to the amount of abuse Foley’s body has taken, wrestling an actual match won’t be happening. The WWE Hall of Famer could appear at WrestleMania in a non-wrestling role, but still get physical.

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  • William Nylander

    He’ll probably come out during the Shane segment on Raw and warn him about HIAC , blah blah. He did it with Rollins/Ambrose ..and I honestly can see Mick being the special guest Ref in the Shane/Taker match at Mania too. It won’t surprise me, but I won’t complain. Always good seeing Foley involved.

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    He’ll step inside the cell with The UnderrrrTaker one last time

  • Zack

    We’re all thinking Hell in a Cell.

  • The one and only great one

    I think he’s going to be at ringside during the divas match to make sure Flair doesn’t help Charlotte cheat.

  • Mark B.

    Maybe he will wrestle inside a steel cage with one of his so called books. But no winner.

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