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WWE Using Others to Fill In for Lawler?, Cesaro Talks Tag Team Wrestling, Brisco

– WWE united States Champion Antonio Cesaro recently spoke with Arda Ocal of The Score about tag team wrestling, his European uppercut finisher and more. The audio is embedded below:

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Brisco turns 66 years old today.

– Jim Ross will be ready if WWE needs him to commentate next week’s RAW but says it’s a great opportunity for others too, indicating that WWE could be bringing someone else back to fill in for Jerry Lawler. JR wrote:

“If #WWE #Raw needs me next Monday, I’m there to help the team. But it’s a great opportunity for others, too. I’ve been there, done it.”

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  • Kyle


  • Muscleman

    Just wondering who else could get a shot at Lawler’s seat on Raw. Mick Foley perhaps? How about Paul Heyman?

  • Kayfabe fan

    I’d totally mark if it was JR AND haymen ( and cole of course )
    Just like WM 17 ( without cole of course but u get the point )

  • Real Kosher

    william regal

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    RE: the Cesaro interview:

    RE: the announcing situation:

    I really wish they’d bring Regal up to Smackdown permanently to take Booker T’s spot at the table. Actually, I don’t think the Cole/JBL/JR team was half bad last week. Foley or Regal seem like the sensible picks… but I wonder if WWE will use this as an opportunity to throw a couple of curveballs? Believe it or not, Jerry’s actually 3 years OLDER than JR, and, health notwithstanding, I can’t see him staying full-time for any more than another few years. I gotta believe that if WWE wasn’t looking at eventual long-term replacements beforehand, they definitely are now.

    I say that to say, I wonder if this period of time will see a couple of (semi-)new faces at the table. I’d say maybe Roddy Piper? He’s already volunteered… sorta. And out of active wrestlers, the one guy that stands out to me is Christian. I know it sounds nuts, but I think he could do a passable job for a week or two.

  • matthew

    keep jbl full time

  • Muscleman

    @xXwindsofchangeXx, don’t you think Paul Heyman would be a good option too? In 2001 I though he was awesome on commentary alongside JR. Well, I was a bit young then and didn’t pay much attention to commentary but having watched much of his work back on Youtube I think he did a fantastic job. Heyman is a great heel commentator and with Cole now a face, their combination would and should work perfectly.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Muscleman I like Paul Heyman – but as of now, it’d be a conflict of interest to have him in the Punk storyline and announcing at the same time. And I’m not 100% convinced that Heyman wants to work for WWE full-time – or else he would be there.

  • rob


  • rob

    Lol imagine tag team MMA? That would be interesting

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