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WWE Viewpoint On Women’s Wrestlers vs. Models, Wyatt Loses Weight

– The general viewpoint among people in WWE is that there are two types of women who join the sports-entertainment organization. There are models who use the company as a stepping stone toward fame due to its substantial television presence. And then there are those who truly love wrestling, with Beth Phoenix and Natalya being the prime examples. However, it is said that the girls who perform for the love of the sport get easily frustrated because there is no reward for being talented in the ring, not to mention that they receive minimal television time to showcase their abilities. The model types are willing to wrestle for a few years, with the hope it leads to a break in the entertainment world, and bolt once they start attracting offers.

– The former Husky Harris, WWE developmental wrestler Bray Wyatt, has lost weight in recent months and is said to be down to 280 pounds. He has received rave reviews for his Cape Fear-esque character, which has been compared to that of former WWE Superstar Waylon Mercy. Many feel he would be on the main roster today if WWE chief Vince McMahon wasn’t negative on his physique.

– Friday’s Raw live event in St. Joseph, Missouri, drew 3,000 attendees paying $80,000. Saturday in Topeka, Kansas, drew 3,500 paying $110,000. Sunday in Wichita, Kansas, drew 4,000 for $125,000. Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Abilene, Texas, drew 3,000 for $95,000. Sunday’s show in Wichita Falls, Texas, drew 2,200 paying $55,000, which would be one of the lowest grossing events of the year.

(source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • Joseph

    And the women that actually love the business and know how to have a great match get nothing while the bimbos get the fame and publicity.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Joseph: In the words of Sting, “I AGREE! I AGREE!!”

    All the same, aren’t we beating a dead horse at this point? Let’s talk about something new and interesting – Bray Wyatt.

    While I think there’s some truth in what the writer of this article is saying about his physique, there are some other factors that have to be taken into consideration as to why he’s not on the roster:

    1.) He’s been hurt.

    2.) WWE seems to look at that number you get when you subtract a person’s birth year from the present year, and on the ‘strength’ of that little number has judged him to not be ready yet. Yes, usually being young implies a lack of experience, but WWE should really stop being so afraid to have young superstars in prominent roles. Guys shouldn’t have to wait until they’re 30 to be judged to have ‘paid their dues’ enough if their talent package dictates that they should be doing something more than jobbing or being used as a bit player. There is exactly ONE superstar in WWE right now that’s been relevant this calendar year that’s under the age of 30, and that’s Cody Rhodes. Even he’s being held back somewhat. As much as I like him teaming with Sandow, for a guy that held the Intercontinental Title for about half a year and has already been a multiple-time Tag champion, that’s a demotion, plain and simple. Okay, rant over.

    3.) This is probably me putting too much faith in the system – maybe he falls into that category of guys that are only in NXT because main roster creative can’t come up with a use for them. If that’s the case, I’d rather see him stay in developmental another year than come up to the main roster and languish in lower card jobberdom because creative can’t figure out what the hell to do with all of his talent.

  • Jake

    One thing I never understood is why WWE continues to higlight the models so much if they know all these girls are going to leave. Sable burned them. Stacy Keibler burned them. Kelly burned them. Maryse burned them. Trish Stratus, well, she didn’t exactly “burn” them, but she did basically quit once she became a celebrity in Canada.

    Why invest in girls that have a shelf life of 5-6 years, tops? Doesn’t sound like a long terms way to draw money.

  • The Truth

    Wrestlers-Women’s division

    There I solved WWEs problem. Quit having these dumb broads in wrestling matches with women that know how to wrestle its insulting

  • Striker9

    Hey Jake, half those females you mentioned were in the wrestling biz for a really long time. I don’t think they burned WWE at all. WWE burned WWE. Who the hell wants to break their back for a company that doesn’t really care about you? Most of the divas saw the writing on the wall and opted to do something that didn’t involve putting their health at risk every night. Hahaha!….Trish quit because she became a celebrity in Canada?….or was it because she wanted to settle down and think about a family while she was/is still healthy…..in Canada?
    Bottom line is Model or Wrestler, WWE needs to start treating their talent a little better or they are going to see a lot of good talent opt out real soon.

  • Jake


    WWE was real good to those women I mentioned. I mean they STILL praise Trish all the time, despite the fact she isn’t making them any money and, based on her last few appearances, isn’t very over with the fans anymore. And as far as her leaving to start a family, last time I checked she has no kids, so…

    But my point was these divas owe all their fame to WWE. Let’s face it, they all leave because they think they are going to be big stars on their own. And that hasn’t really worked out for any of them. If wrestling is too grueling on their bodies than they should have just skipped WWE and went straight in to modeling. Would have saved everyone’s time.

  • Tony

    Maybe the hot chicks wouldn’t “burn” WWE if they actually showcased them on TV rather than 2 minutes out of 180.

    And just what we need, that septic tank solid waste “Husky Harris” back on TV. Just when you thought you had flushed enough times, he floats back up.

    Can’t wait to see him and “Rawback” go at it. Oh wait, I don’t watch this crap anymore.


  • Mayback

    @Tony Nobody cares

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