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WWE Worried About Sunday’s PPV, Streaks for 3 WWE Stars, The Miz

– WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz is WWE.com’s Spotlight Superstar today.

– The big winning streak for Ryback is up to 30 after Monday’s RAW. This number includes TV and pay-per-view matches for this year. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is the only Superstar close to that with a 20 match winning streak, counting TV and pay-per-view matches. Sheamus will wrestle Daniel Bryan on tonight’s SmackDown. The Diva with the current longest winning streak is Divas Champion Layla with 10.

– Daniel Bryan is in Boston today doing media appearances to promote Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. We’re seeking radio and TV reports if you happen to catch him on the air today.

WWE officials have been concerned with ticket sales for Sunday’s pay-per-view. Apparently the decision to send Bryan to Boston for media work was just made earlier this week.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • me

    Since it’s Boston toys think they’d send Cena.

  • SoWii

    Kinda don’t get it…this card is really good IMO. Well, at least I’m very looking forward to it. The match quality should be fantastic.

  • Joseph

    Of course they are worried. Cena getting his 1,000th title shot and Sheamus vs Del Rio for the 4th PPV in a row? Who cares? Cena’s hometown and you are almost guaranteed that he will win his 12th undeserved WWE title.

  • XdanielkingX

    Cena can’t draw in his hometown but Yoshi Tatsu can go to Japan and draw like hell. Embarrassing for you, John.

  • brandon

    Cue the cena ball-lickers to come in and save the day any second now…

  • Jay

    It’s because WWE does PPVs in all the same cities. It seems like they are always in Boston, NYC, St Louis, LA, or Chicago. WWE would get more tickets if different cities got at least some of the smaller PPVs.

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