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WWE Wrestler Changes Brands, Konnan Addresses Raw Mention, WWE Classics

– Ryback, who has primarily competed on Raw in recent weeks, is now listed as a member of the Raw roster on the official WWE website. It is his second official stint with the brand, with the first taking place in 2010 when he was a member of The Nexus.

– During the finals of the No. 1 Tag Team Title No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament on Raw Monday, broadcaster Jim Ross acknowledged participant Rey Mysterio’s past tag team partnerships with Konnan and Juventud Guerrera. When it was brought to Konnan’s attention on Twitter, he responded, “wow i must not be blackballed..thats a first.”

Konnan is believed to be considered persona non grata within WWE after bolting from the promotion in 1992 following a disagreement with Vince McMahon. The WWE chief previously had big plans for Konnan, as he had spent over $10,000 on an elaborate outfit for him to wear as the futuristic character Max Moon.

– This week’s WWE Classics On Demand updates are as follows: WWE Over the Limit (May 20, 2012), World Wrestling Federation at Philadelphia Spectrum (October 11, 1980), WWWF Championship Wrestling (September 17, 1977), ECW Hardcore TV (May 19, 1998), WWF Prime Time Wrestling (September 11, 1989).

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  • GN-0015

    Brands? What brands?

  • J

    Unless I’m mistaken Konnan wrestled as Max Moon on the very first episode of 1993?

  • brandon


  • Parko

    Ryback was not in the nexus. You are thinking of mason ryan.

  • Mark Black

    Parko, you are either a new WWE fan or an idiot. Ryback aka Skip Sheffield was a member of the ORIGINAL Nexus (with Wade barrett, Justin Gabriel etc.) Mason Ryan was a member of Cm Punk’s version of The Nexus.

  • Gasparilla

    Mason Ryan and Ryback were both in Nexus, just Ryback was called Skip Sheifeld then. I really don’t get why they bother switching brands, to be honest I don’t even know who is suppose to be on what brand anymore anyways, it doesn’t matter really imo. Which is part of the reason having two champions is sorta of dumb now, because people can pretty much comepete for either title.

  • Bonkerz

    I wasn’t aware there still were brands. With all of SD wrestlers appearing on RAW it’s very hard to tell which person belongs where.

    btw,unrelated topic, i wish someone other than cm punk would call himself a wrestler. This ‘WWE Superstar’ thing is really starting to irritate me.

  • SDotC

    They need to have title unification matches at WM 30. Also, if Cena/Rock II headlines on the basis that it’s “the WWE title match”, both I and CM Punk will be pretty damn pissed.

    As for Konnan…so, you find out that maybe you’re not blackballed, then proceed to bring up being blackballed -___-. And this idiot wonders why WWE isn’t calling him.

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