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WWE’s Back-up Plan for Ryback at WrestleMania, HHH vs. Show

– While WWE and Goldberg may not have had serious negotiations yet for a match against Ryback at WrestleMania XXX, WWE officials do want the Goldberg vs. Ryback match to happen. If that doesn’t work out, their other plan for Ryback at the biggest show of the year is a match against Big Show.

If Goldberg agrees to do the match with Ryback, then Ryback vs. Big Show will take place earlier, possibly at Elimination Chamber. The anticipated Triple H vs. Show match is scheduled to take place between December’s TLC pay-per-view and the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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  • The_Brown_Widow

    I am so happy that Ryback I getting a chance to wrestle, at Wrestlemania XXX. I would love to see Ryback take on Goldberg. But if he wrestles Big show yhan I would like to see the match.

  • Macho Man

    Ryback is terrible in the ring, I mean terrible! He needs to go down to NXT or something. I’m not one who likes to bash wrestlers but he’s bad. Not only that he’s dangerous in his handling of the other talent. Look at Ryback and Big E as they have similar builds and are both brawlers. Big E has fluid movements and sells ever aspect of moves done to him or buy him. Big E moves around the ring quickly and with purpose. Ryback just looks lost most times during matches. He moves around in the ring like he has two left feet. Who are these people who want to see Ryback vs Goldberg? In my mind Big E deserves a Wrestlmania match before Ryback does, as Big E has shown a lot more progression than Ryback has. Ryback will get a Wrestlemania match only because WWE has vested a lot of time in trying to get him over. But as far as who’s more deserving, in my opinion it’s Big E and it’s not even close!

    • Rotnerd

      agree don’t he will be at wm 30, if Goldberg doesnt show up to carry him.

    • tt2000

      Sending him to NXT is a terrible idea. We all love NXT and we don’t want that to change.

    • Linda Tunstall

      Saw the wwe tour 2nite in the uk & have 2 say Big E looks even better than he does on tv his strength is amazing & he moves about so easily compared 2 Ryback & man his name suits him Big E is huge :-0

  • LayTunchi

    I would like to see the ryback vs. big show match if ryback was the face and big show was the heel

    • Tommy Colosi

      basically saw that this year with Heel Henry

  • Alejandro

    I don’t want to see Goldberg vs. Ryback at Wrestlemania 30. Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in like 10 years and no one wants to see Ryback wrestle and on television anymore. And if they were to wrestle it would just be a botchfest all over New Orleans.

    • The_Brown_Widow

      I want to see Ryback wrestle at Wrestlemania XXX. The match will not be a botchfest like you think.

      • Alejandro

        They’re both sloppy wrestlers. They don’t know how to carry a match and both have limited move sets. And Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in like 10 years.

        • The_Brown_Widow

          I would like to see Goldberg vs Ryback wrestle at WM 30.

          • Alejandro

            Well I don’t so I guess you’ll be the only one enjoying that match if it happens huh? Lol.

          • The_Brown_Widow

            I want be the only one who will enjoy the match.

          • YM5

            WON’T!!!! you won’t be the only one because I will too

          • It would be Goldberg/Lesnar all over again, one of the worst matches ever.

          • The_Brown_Widow

            I don’t think so the match will not be like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar match at WM 20. The match will be excellent.

          • Considering Ryback is more limited and less agile in the ring than Goldberg at that time. Now take into account Goldberg hasn’t been wrestling on a regular basis in 9 years and is physically worse than last time, you think that it would not be worse than Goldberg/Lesnar? There’s a fine line between optimism and delusional. Goldberg will be even less mentally committed to it considering it’s just one off fat cash paycheck and never again, he won’t give a damn about how it turns out. It would not be a good match at all and I think you’re just trying to be positive about it as a Ryback fan.

          • The_Brown_Widow

            Ok I get what you’re saying and, maybe it want be a five star match.

  • Gorship

    replace this whole idea with big E and itd be gold. Ryback seems to be getting worse over time — and Im one of the few that wants ryback to do well, but he’s sinking.

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