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WWE’s Current Thoughts on Signing Talents, Recent Attendance

– All three nights WWE was in Abu Dhabi last week, they drew packed houses of 5,000 fans. The WWE live event on October 12th in Providence drew 4,500 fans while the October 13th show in Philadelphia drew 6,000 fans for $300,000.

– Regarding signing new talents, there is no hard and fast rule but there’s a belief within WWE that they have enough “small guys” and the problem with business is there are already too many and not enough “big guys.” Unless someone is really good, WWE is not looking to sign small guys right now. They also don’t want to sign ROH guys right now but that doesn’t mean Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards won’t get picked up.

There’s a feeling that guys who work independents and travel and have somewhat of a name already have bad habits, and if they are at the higher level, if WWE signs them and even if they agree to take the pay cut to WWE entry level, that the talent won’t be happy over the long haul. It was also said WWE doesn’t want talents who know they can get fired, go back to the indies and be successful without WWE. They want guys with the impression that their careers in wrestling depend on making it in WWE.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Brandi Tellis

    Meaning they only want people who are desperate and therefore can be pushed around and mistreated at will because they think there’s no life without the WWE. Lovely company. -_-

    • Rako

      Or they want guys that are committed to the company as opposed to half assing it for a paycheck. See what happened in TNA.

      WWE values loyalty, simple as that. Thats all they ever expect of stars, see how big of star mark henry has become despite his size, and see christian who over estimated himself and left to TNA.

      If you ran WWE, you’d want the same thing.

  • Brandi Tellis

    They don’t want guys (or gals) who are well trained, experienced and have a proven ability to work a crowd, they only want “stars” that can be easily manipulated. These people make it very difficult to be a fan sometimes.

  • YoungAngryMan

    WWE is the pimp and they’re looking for some hoes that they can put the hand to that wont fight back.

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