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WWE’s Offer to Punk, is Punk the New HBK?, Piper Hosting Wrestling Show, More

– WWE posted a job ad this week looking for an intern to work at WWE headquarters in September from September of this year until December. Requirements are that you must be able to work in Stamford, CT, must be a college Junior & Senior and must be available to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

– The World of Hurt reality TV show in Canada will be returning for another season but without Lance Storm and his students. WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper will be the new host of the show and begin filming next week. 12 independent wrestlers will be featured on the show that airs on The Cave network in Canada.

– WWE reportedly offered CM Punk a five-year deal at one point. No word yet if what he ended up signing was for that long.

Regarding Punk and Vince McMahon, it’s said that Punk now has Vince’s ear when it comes to ideas. It was described as similar to Shawn Michaels year ago when he began moving up in the company and Vince would bounce ideas off Shawn, or Shawn would suggest ideas to Vince.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • shane

    now vince can learn some stuff from cm punk! tht hopefully means some good storylines and ideas

  • AcesJD

    Awesome. While Im an attitude era mark myself, CM Punk is the one who may be able to carry the WWE on his shoulders and possibly and finally for the time being, oust Cena…he is the closest thing we have to a new stone cold, since Orton obviously failed to take that role as I once thought would happen.

    I got an idea for a storyline…another invasion. This time its not TNA, WCW or ECW, rather a slew of old superstars under the name WWF. It'd be the New WWE vs the Old WWF(or the federation if copyright of wildlife crap happens)….the whole purpose of this would be for the WWF to give the WWE the ultimate test to see if it has the right to exist. Any thoughts?

    • The Original Jeff W.

      WWF definitely isn't happening. As you said it, someone else has the copyright. And to be honest, the World Wildlife Fund is much more important than the World Wrestling Federation.

      On your actual point, I don't want a lot of old guys back. WWE needs to make stars out of the younger guys. Guys like Rhodes, Ziggler, McIntyre, Kingston, Bryan, Barret. They also need to continue making Miz, Del Rio, and Sheamus top guys. They've got good, young talent that needs to be pushed.

      • AcesJD

        CM Punk is the only dude who's got me interested. Ziggler, Rhodes, Kingston and McIntyre do got potential but to be completely honest with you….To me they are boring as hell. They are bland are hardly ever used properly and I could give a shit less on a ppv if all these guys were on it. Funny back in the 1990's I ordered WWF/WWE PPV's all the time…now I havent since 2009, and then again that year was shit boring, lame and well I was drunk when I ordered the PPV ROFL. AT least WWE is getting more fresher, but to me I dont care for all these guys and Daniel Bryan. Sign me up for The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Jake the Snake Roberts Anyday….Fuck these 2000 whatever the year guys they have nowadays ;). CM Punk is probably the only new wrestler who got me interested as of now.

        WWE, please….get a new guy in that will just be a complete psycopath and will dominate the WWE once again similar to Goldberg or Lesnar WITHOUT screwing up his Push like what happened to them. Then and ONLY THEN will this show even be slightly interesting….and FFS…Turn Cena Heel or take him off my TV cause he is getting hella boring AND VERY annoying.

      • AcesJD

        Yeah well having "Old stars" like them back is perfect for "passing the torch" don't you think 😉 and after this whole Rock/Cena Storyline as well as some others….why the hell not?

  • Way to go Punk, I hope this does not end up as the new Klique after five years or so. :)
    (wrestling fans would know what the Klique did)

    • shane

      i believe its the Kliq?

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