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WWE’s Upcoming “Attitude Era” DVD Comes Under Fire, Fan Run-in At Raw Cut Out

– WWE’s upcoming Attitude Era DVD and Blu-ray release has come under fire by two Connecticut publications since the sports-entertainment organization recently scrubbed hundreds of videos from that era off YouTube and other video-sharing websites after they were used in Democratic advertisements attacking U.S. Senate hopeful Linda McMahon.

Brian Lockhart of CTNews.com explains, “The company, still run by Linda’s husband, Vince, is protective of its brand when it helps Linda’s political career, but happy to profit off of those raunchier programs any other time.”

Asked Monday whether the title would contain any of the squashed material and why the organization was releasing the collection after McMahon’s election, WWE spokesman Brian Flinn told Don Michak of JournalInquirer.com he needed more time to respond. Flinn, however, noted to Lockhart that the title will be rated PG and consistent with how the company has marketed itself in recent years.

Attitude Era is scheduled for release on November 20, 2012, according to Amazon.com.

– As seen briefly during Monday’s live Raw broadcast, a fan entered the ring near the conclusion of the match between Ryback and The Miz. The individual was immediately tackled by WWE security personnel and referee Scott Armstrong and pulled away from the ring. WWE has released video of the match online and the live shot of the incident was cut out.

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  • GN-0015

    Throw politics into garbage. It’s wasting time and money, but you can get a lot of money with those “raunchier programs”, making more profit than becoming a politician.

  • maxpower

    Dont Vote for Linda.

  • mossy

    so the dvd about the attitude era, the best era ever, will be pg? well i ain’t buying that!

  • Joseph

    Why release an Attitude Era DVD that is PG? It defeats the entire purpose. It would have been great for a fan like me that is sick of the current product.

  • matthew

    pg additude dvd why even do it. its prolly going to be hosted by hornswoggol and aj

  • jayman

    lol i marked out for that fan interference!!!!

  • Kerwin White is Jebus

    Linda’s political aspirations = killing wwe.
    We’ve put up with several years of crappy raws and smackdowns so that Linda can jump into politics and it’s really starting to piss me off!
    Things is, storylines seem a little better, and they’re even putting more emphasis on the tag team division. In fact, seeing the talent on NXT, the “next generation” is very promising.
    So I’m not gonna say “Fuck this shit, I’m switching to TNA and ROH” (I actually enjoy all three, for different reasons, when I have the time), I’m just getting sick of Linda’s shit getting in the way of a good tv show, and I hope that she moves on quickly so that we can get back to enjoying our wwe programs.

    Getting off my soapbox now.

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