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Xavier Woods On Origins Of Booty-O’s Cereal

Xavier Woods
New Day’s Xavier Wood’s was on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast and broke the news where Booty-O’s came from last November.

“We were just in the car,” said Woods. We always try to push and see, like, what we can do. And so, we came up with the idea, like, ‘oh, maybe like a cereal. It’s like, Booty-O’s. We can make a cereal called Booty-O’s.’ And so, I contacted a guy on Twitter who’s a very good artist and commissioned him to draw up what it would look like if we had a cereal box. And then, the next day on [WWE Monday Night] RAW, we just said, ‘Booty-O’s!”

Booty-O’s is of the many things that have helped New Day organically tun into faces. A of now, the tag champs are off Sunday’s Payback as their next challengers are determined.

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  • Rizzy

    It’s not even cereal it’s a shirt inside lol

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    “Ceral” ???

  • Zack

    Booty-O’s taste like air

  • The Shockmaster

    “Wish I had thought of that” – Roman Reigns

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