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Zack Ryder Coughing Up Blood?, Ex-Diva Finally Wrestling Again, Extreme Rules

– Tickets for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view on May 19th at the Savvis Center in St. Louis go on sale February 23rd to the public.

– Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb, who has been out of action since October 2011 after a bad concussion, will return to the ring for SHIMMER at their April 6th WrestleCon show in New Jersey.

– Zack Ryder says he was coughing up blood after losing to Jack Swagger at last night’s RAW. He tweeted:

“Still coughing up blood. Thanks @RealJackSwagger. I owe ya a fist pump…to your face!”

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  • DC

    Hopefully Zack will be okay.
    On an unrelated note, I bet no one will be saying Jack Swagger should get in trouble for hurting Ryder like everyone did with Miz.

    • IamLisa

      Punk ass-kissers couldn’t care less about anyone else apart from their skinny-rat hero.
      DC, I understand you are a member of that club, aren’t you?

      • Jason Michael Lockett

        What, precisely, does this have to do with CM Punk?

        • Anonymous Raw GM

          Punk marks kept whining on the Miz botch news thread all day…

          • Jason Michael Lockett

            Ah. A botch is a botch. I don’t care who does it. They need to either improve or gtfo before they injure someone.

      • DC

        What club am I a member of?

        • IamLisa

          The CM Punk Ass-Kissers Club.

          • DC

            Well it’s nice to be a part of a club but since when was I defending punk? I was trying to defend Miz. I think punks good in the ring but I won’t go out of my way to see him. Get your facts straight.

    • Johnny Watts

      You do know it’s called a story line right? What happened with Miz was legit. 2 completely different things.

    • Sean Patrick

      Are we not seeing a difference in injuring the top heel of the company and injuring Zack “The LI Brawler” Ryder? I hope Zack is alright, he might not be able to be on SMS next week…

  • CMmox

    Swagger’s a BEAST!

  • Rob

    That match was sloppy and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a legit injury.

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