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Zeb Colter’s WWE Future, Weather at WrestleMania 29, Update on a Potential Diva

- We noted before that one of the women who attended a recent Divas camp at WWE developmental was named Jenn Sterger, an actress and TV host with modeling experience. Sterger was in the news back in 2010 when reports came out that NFL quarterback Brett Favre was alleged to have sent her explicit text messages and voicemails asking her to come to his hotel rooms. Favre also allegedly sent Sterger nude photos of himself.

– Within WWE, there seems to be no major concern about the weather for WrestleMania 29. Forecasts for April 7th aren’t available yet but the average high is 59 degrees and the average low is 37 degrees. The record high is 78 degrees and the record low is 17 degrees. For what it’s worth, The Old Farmer’s Almanac currently predicts “sunny, pleasant” weather for the week of April 1st through the 7th.

– One WWE source notes that regardless of what WWE decides to do with Jack Swagger’s push in the next few months, they expect the Zeb Colter character to be kept around. There’s also belief that WWE will keep Dutch Mantell, the man behind Colter, employed in some capacity.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Y2J

    If Zeb Colter is going to be kept around, no shît Dutch Mantell will still be there.

    • jcice13


  • Rob

    Brett Farve d!ck picks!!!

    Its hard being a jet fan

    • jcice13

      doesn’t rex ryan’s wife have a tattoo of it on her arm?

      • Rob

        Hahaha she has some random guy in a sanchez jersey.

  • jcice13

    not trying to be harsh here but the farmer’s almanac?? right..I live in jersey and they can’t predict the weather correctly the day before how are they going to be anywhere near accurate a year ahead? all I know is that as a betting man? it’s going to be a lot closer the 17 degrees so here’s a heads up for anyone reading this that’s traveling from other areas…dress really really warm in layers cause it’s better to take off an article of clothing than not having one to put on..and have fun in the swamp land and say hello to jimmy

  • IamLisa

    Zeb Colter is damn good, keep him around for as long as possible.

    • CMmox


    • UMpunkBLN

      First time I agree with you but I just cant thumbs up your comment. Eat sh!t and die.

  • dean

    No shiz Zeb Colter is one of the only reasons Swagger is actually getting a response from the crowd and so media attention

    the only thing swagger has managed to do is get arrested we the
    people or Weed the people Colter is Swagger without him Swagger would
    just be a Mid Carder or a Jobber like before.

  • mindyourownbusiness

    lol he didn’t allegedly send her nude pictures. They’re available online, it’s not like it was some rumor.
    It’s crazy the way you guys here on WNZ say allegedly in cases where it isn’t supposed to be used but you don’t use it in cases where it is (IE Jack Swagger’s arrest).

  • jay

    I believe I stated the Sterger scandal when you guys first made note of the Divas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaydn.lebsanft Jaydn Lebsanft

    Dutch Mantell is great on the mic he could always mange a stable of heels

  • BANE

    Soldier Field in the future? CHICAGO!!!!

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