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Zema Ion Comments on Controversial Fundraiser, TNA Status & More

Zema Ion recently spoke with Quinn’s AM Army to promote an upcoming appearance. Here are some highlights from the interview.

* Zema revealed that he is still under contract to TNA for “quite a while,” but is free to take whatever outside dates he wants to right now.

* Zema mentioned that he hasn’t had much communication with TNA in recent months.

* He said that he thankfully he doesn’t have cancer as his doctors initially thought.

* Zema said that he never expected TNA to pay his medical bills because he’s an “independent contractor,” and he knows how that works.

* Zema mentioned that someone at the TNA office got mad at him for making the company look bush league with the fundraiser, but he told them flat out he needed the money and that was the reality of the situation.

* Zema said that his girlfriend actually started the GoFundMe account and since she doesn’t know much about wrestling, she didn’t realize the political problems that would potentially arise because of it and how it could affect his TNA career.

* Zema Mentioned that that even though he didn’t get anything close to the $30,000 needed, he was still overwhelmed by the fan support and the money he did get helped a lot.

* One day he would like to go to WWE, but is happy with where he is now.

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  • Sieg

    Well I’m glad he’s okay and that it’s not cancer. I hope he can make the money he needs to live and also pay off the medical bills too. The guy has a lot of charisma and is solid in the ring, if TNA ever decide to actually utilise their X-Division stars him, Sabin, Kenny King could be a lot of fun. He has a lot of upside and his colourful heel personality is sometimes a welcome change in terms of energy when watching TNA.

    • Damian Starr

      I found him quite frankly boring compared to the other X-division stars and his average wrestling ability (of which he is prone to making mistakes, just ask jessie sorrensen) so I am glad he isn’t really involved any more, even manik has more charisma then Ion and he’s just a mask!

      • Sieg

        The Jesse Sorenson thing was a freak accident which is something that can happen when doing high risk spots. Ion is a solid hand in the ring and his colourful personality is much better than Manik’s who comes across as slightly bland. Manik also hasn’t had a strong match since his debut, the same can’t be said for Zema.

      • Richie

        That accident was not Zema’s fault! It was what it was…a high risk spot that went wrong…could have happened to the best of them! Thats WHY they are called accidents! But if u really MUST point the finger of blame…point it at Jesse! He was the one on the ground! He was the one who was supposed to control the landing! He was out of position…and once Zema was off the ropes and in the air, he had NO control over the landing, its up to the guy on the ground to control the landing and Jesse wasn’t in the right position to do that…which again, could happen to the best of them! So it was nothing more than a high spot gone wrong, really no ones to blame!

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