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Dolph Ziggler Comments on Staying Motivated During Up & Down Moments

Dolph Ziggler spoke with MLive about staying motivated despite his ups and downs in the business.

“I love this, I love doing this. I have no desire to switch companies or go to UFC or anything like that,” Ziggler said. “I’m very ambitious, and I’m very outspoken about where I should be and where I need to be in the WWE. I love that I’ve never been one handed anything – ever. If I would’ve have been handed things, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to enjoy it as much. Every time I turn a corner, it seems like the rug is being taken underneath me. It’s like ‘Hey, great job!’ and then nothing. It’s like ‘Hey, wow, look what you can do!’ and I’ll say ‘Thanks, boss!’ and then there’s nothing. And so, it’s hard (to stay upbeat), but you have to deal with it and it makes me hungrier every single day knowing that I’ve scratched and clawed for everything I’ve earned in this business.”

Also in the interview, Ziggler discusses if he would like to see WrestleMania in Detroit and other various topics.

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  • [B]ANExx

    I am fed-up of discussing on forums etc. why Ziggler should be pushed more – he has the look, talent, charisma and passion. I am utterly perplexed why WWE continues to misuse him when if pushed properly he could be THIS generations HBK…

    Just a shame there is no other big wrestling company anymore – back in the day if one promotion was misusing a potential top talent, they could jump ship and go perform on another show, that same thing isn’t quite true anymore – TNA is so far from being a ‘competitor’ to WWE that at this stage they are basically an indy promotion that happen to have a TV deal.

  • Macho Man

    Yeah Dolph, I feel you’re pain! I It’s just UNREAL to me how they just do NOTHING with Dolph’s character! When he cashed in his MOB Briefcase(in which received the biggest crowd pop of the night) and took the World Heavyweight Title of of Del Rio he was beyond over and SHOULD have been pushed from that point on. Instead they took the title off of him as quick as they gave it to him. (And yes I realize he got a concussion but he was back within 2-3 weeks.) So when he returned then WWE has him jacking around with Big E and AJ for way to long. Thankfully that feud seems to be done finally! I don’t know where the current story line is going but he and Daniel Bryan have been destroyed for 2 weeks in a row now by the Corporation. Hopefully this leads to the push Dolph has deserved for a long time! He’s beyond skilled in having charisma, mic skills, looks, and can wrestle with anyone! I’ve said this many times before, WWE could easily make him this generations Ric Flair, or Shawn Michaels. I don’t know what the hold up is but somebody needs to light a fire under WWE/Vince in regards to Dolph’s character. Speaking as a long time WWF/WWE fan the lack of attention/direction to Dolph’s character has passed the point of being sad and is approaching sicking!

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