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NXT Takeover: Back To Brooklyn Results: Shinsuke Nakamura Wins Gold, Bobby Roode’s Debut Is Glorious

Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play coverage of tonight’s NXT Takeover: Back To Brooklyn broadcast. The main show is at 8 PM EST and features three title fights and several debuts. The last time NXT was in Brooklyn, the roster stole the show and they will look to repeat history tonight. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@wrestlenewz) as we’ll be tweeting live throughout the entire broadcast.

The intro video airs, as the superstars remember last year’s show from Brooklyn and talk about taking over. We get a shot of the 15,000 plus people in the sold out arena. No Way Jose is out and the Congo line is going.

No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries

Aries wants to shake hands and Jose smacks him across the face. Jose keeps his foot on Aries’ head and does a¬† little dance. Aries tries to run but he’s tossed back in the ring. They fight on the middle rope and Aries drops Jose throat first across the top rope. Aries with an elbow on the back of Jose’s neck from the top rope. Counter strikes from Jose and he sends Aries to the outside. Aries with a knee breaker and gets the submission. Aries misses the rolling elbow and gets caught in the TKO. Jose is sent to the outside. Aries with a suicide dive between the bottom and middle rope from Aries. He tries for the brainbuster inside the ring, but Jose counters for a two count. They both get elbows off the ropes. Aries gets caught on the top rope. Aries with a sunset bomb and he locks on the Last Chancery. Jose must tap.

Winner: No Way Jose

After the match, Aries puts the submission back on. Hideo Itami, in a suit, is out to confront Aries. He takes Aries down with some quick chops and GTS.

Ric Flair is shown ringside to a Woooo chant.

Samoa Joe is warming up backstage.

Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay

They trade some shots and Ember gets the first major offense. Billi gets into this and starts swinging at Ember. Bill tries working on Ember’s neck. Ember makes a comeback with suplex and neckbreaker. Ember hits O-Face from the top rope and gets a three count.

Winner: Ember Moon

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