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Smackdown Live Results For 8/2/2016: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt, Lesnar Evens The Score

WWE Smackdown
Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play coverage of tonight’s Smackdown Live broadcast. Pre-show at 7:30 pm EST and main show start at 8 pm EST. Will Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make a retaliatory appearance because of Randy Orton’s¬†RKO invasion of Raw last night? Tune in for updates throughout the evening. Tweet and follow @Wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Smackdown Live: 8 PM EST:

Show opens up with Orton, and GMs Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan watching the RKO on Lesnar from last night on Raw. The GMs have hired security guards to protect Orton if Lesnar comes gunning for him at some point during the night.

The Miz says that’s he’s basically Matt Damon and he’s insulted that when he retained the IC Title that no one came out to hoist him up on their shoulders like they did for Dean Ambrose. Daniel Bryan tells him that there will be a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender tonight. IC Title match will happen at Summerslam.

Now Dean Ambrose comes to the ring and starts cutting a promo. Ambrose calls his Summerslam opponent Dolph Ziggler out to the ring to get to know him better.

Ziggler comes out and tells Ambrose he’s a big fan and that they’re a lot alike. Ambrose says they aren’t at all because he’s all go and Ziggler is all show. Ziggler says that Ambrose came into the big show as part of The Shield, “Started at the top and now you’re here.” Then Ziggler makes the point that when he started he was a male cheerleader and that he scratched and clawed more than anyone to get there.

Two baby faces having a feud is always a tough angle to work. It can work if done right though. And they’re actually doing a good job with this one.

Thought Ziggler was going to cry for a second but then he brought some heat. Ziggler says he’s going to win because he is that damn good. Ambrose replies, “No you’re not.” Mic drop. Ambrose leaves the ring and Ziggler remains standing there. Battle of the baby faces starting to build now.

Bray Wyatt suddenly appears and hits Ziggler with a Sister Abigail and calls him out for a match tonight for the #1 contendership spot. Wyatt tells Ziggler to prove that he actually is “That damn good.”

AJ Styles will apparently have a message for John Cena later tonight and there’s a commercial break.

Ziggler is talking to Shane-O and Bryan and says that he wants the match with Bray. He says that Ambrose doesn’t think he deserves it and neither do the people. They acquiesce to his request. Zigglers reference about people saying he doesn’t deserve it is a shoot because in reality he has had people on social media flaming him about being given the title spot. So, expect Ziggler to bring the kitchen sink to his match later to prop himself up in fans eyes ahead of Summslam.

Triple Threat Match For IC Title #1 Contender Spot: Baron Corbin vs. Kallisto vs. Apollo Crews:

Back and forth action. Kallisto springs off Crews’ back and does a Hurricarana to Corbin, flinging him to the outside.

Final sequence Corbin goes for a powerbomb on Kallisto but is hit with a dropkick by Crews from behind and Corbin falls to the outside. Kallisto gets to his feet and Crews does a roll up quickly from behind and gets the pin.

Crews leaves and Corbin hits Kallisto from behind and starts beating on him. Crews rushes back in to help Kallisto but The Miz who was at the announce table runs in and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Crews. Miz stands up and poses with a satisfied look on his face and Corbin hits the End Of Days on him.

Winner: Apollo Crews

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