WWE Main Event Results – 1/30/13

A video recapped the segment between Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Brock Lesnar…The opening video aired, and Miz opened the show with TV on the stage as Michael Cole checked in on commentary. Miz introduced Ryback as his guest.

Ryback thanked Miz for having him and said he liked his show. They did the “really” gimmick and Miz said last time Ryback was on the show, he threw the couch out of the ring. Ryback said he didn’t realize how comfortable they were. Miz said if he was dishing out complements, “Well, feed me more!” Please kill me.

Miz setup a video that recapped Cesaro vs. Ryback from last week. Ryback said last week Cesaro ran like a coward, but this week he wouldn’t have a chance. Cesaro’s music hit and he ran out cutting a promo about how Ryback and Miz were conspiring against him like Miz did with Randy Orton on Raw. Ryback told him if he was going to run tonight he needed to start now. Ryback stormed to the ring…[C]

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro. Ryback went right at Cesaro and hit a stall suplex that he held for close to 20 seconds. Cole and Miz put Miz over as a referee as Ryback continued to pound on Cesaro. Ryback dumped Cesaro to the floor. He followed and slammed Cesaro against the barricade…[C]

Back at 6:08, Cesaro slammed Ryback into the steps outside and rolled in the ring. Ryback made the count at nine. Cesaro jumped on Ryback’s chest and abdomen with both feet and locked in a chin lock. Ryback powered right back and hit the meathook clothesline. Cesaro again tried to leave the ring area, but Ryback chased him down and slammed Cesaor several times on the metal ramp.

Ryback rolled Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro rolled all the way through to the announce table side. All of a sudden, he hit a thrust kick on Miz while Miz was mid-sentence. Ryback went after him, but Cesaro fled through the crowd and took the count out while Miz recovered and sold the shot…A video recapping what happened to Vince was hyped for next…

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by count out at 11:35.

A video recapped what happened with Tensai and Brodus Clay from Raw. Backstage, The Prime Time Players walked up on Tensai and started cracking on him. Tensai got chesty and the two of them danced off. Brodus walked up and said Tensai should relax, it was just a joke and Tensai had to admit it was funny. Tensai said it wasn’t funny at all. He stormed off…[C]

The video that opened the show replayed. Cole announced the broken left hip gimmick and said Vince would need surgery…The Prime Time Players made their ring entrance.

Titus O’Neal (w/Darren Young) vs. Tensai. The first 90 second of the match was in the last quarter. Both men no-sold each other’s initial blows. Tensai broke dirty on the next lockup and kicked O’Neal. He dumped O’Neal to the floor and rolled him back in. That allowed O’Neal to hit a big knee and take control. Tensai started to fight back, but Darren Young distracted him, allowing Titus to dump Tensai over the top rope. Brodus Clay ran out to defend Tensai…[C]

Back at 8:37, Titus had Albert in a chin lock. Clay and the Funkadactyls were at ringside pulling for Tensai. Clay got the crowd hot for Tensai and Tensai hit a back elbow. He went for the splash, but Titus moved. Tensai hit his two handed choke slam out of nowhere. He followed with the Senton for the win…

Tensai defeated Titus O’Neal at 14:39.

Post-match, Clay and the ladies climbed in the ring. They celebrated with Tensai, but Tensai got chesty. The fans chanted for Tensai, so Clay’s music hit and they all danced to close the show…

  • IamLisa

    Ryback should be beating no-ones like Cesaro CLEANLY and with relative ease. Why does he have to win by count out? Mind you, that’s exactly the same finish they did last week.
    Ryback is supposed to be an unstoppable monster, a wrecking machine. He should be ripping apart mid-carders like Cesaro.
    And that’s the BOTTOM LINE because Lisa said so.

    • Sean Patrick

      The US Champ in the midst of a heel push is a nobody? It’s not like Ryback was facing Hunico or Yoshi Tatsu here…

    • jcice13

      obviously your opinion does not coincide with that of the WWE’s cause they all know that cesaro is and always will be 10 times the wrestler ryback is, and I’m not flaming you but just telling you fact..skip sheffield is, nor will he ever be, as good in the ring as cesaro

      • IamLisa

        Cesaro is not in Ryback’s league. He is a lowly mid-carder. Get that into your thick skull. Ryback is a main eventer.

        • jcice13

          you are entitled to your opinion but you don’t need to be nasty about your reply I didn’t say anything like that to you but in 2 years let’s see which one of these 2 guys is still relevant, also you’re not arguing with me you’re debating HHH and jim ross they’re the ones who said how great cesaro is as did cm punk, so I guess they’re thick headed too??

  • Hawkins

    Hip Hop Hippo X Funkasaurus

    Funkrassic Park?

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