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WWE Main Event Spoilers – 2/13/13

WWE will tape this week’s episode of WWE Main Event from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are the full results.

Dark Match

* Kofi Kingston defeated Corey Graves.

WWE Main Event

* WWE Main Event kicked off with the Highlight Reel. Chris Jericho announced The Miz was injured on Raw and Del Rio will be his new guest. They replayed footage of Antonio attacking The Miz on Raw. Del Rio then comes out.

Jericho tells Del Rio that he will win the Elimination Chamber and go on to face Del Rio at WrestleMania. The two bicker back and forth. Ziggler interrupts and Jericho insults Big E. Ziggler promised to cash in the MITB briefcase sometime between now and WrestleMania. Del Rio challenged Ziggler to a match and Ziggler accepted.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via Cross Armbreaker submission hold.

* Matt Striker interviews Paul Heyman. Heyman talks about the new stipulation for The Rock vs. CM Punk while holding the WWE Championship title belt.

  • http://twitter.com/theoneandonlyDC DC

    I hope Miz isn’t actually injured.

    • coolk

      Naw just storyline injured like rey mysterio.

  • Zero

    Why do they keep having Ziggler lose to Del Rio? WTF?

    • jcice13

      the only reason I can see for dolph losing and looking so weak so much of the time is that he’ll be wearing the strap soon so I guess they’re just building others off of him?

      • Zero

        You’re right. He’ll have it soon for sure, but if they somehow screw up his 1st LEGIT title reign, I’m definitely going to be enraged. Fingers are crossed, though.

        • jcice13

          don’t you worry they’ll screw him over big time for sure during his reign, that is if they even let him win it when he cashes it in

          • Zero

            He will. He better. It’s the best thing to do. All this anticipation. He could be the 1st guy to cash in at Wrestlemania. It all points to Dolph Ziggler. He’ll “steal the show”

          • jcice13

            so technically he has until the end of the wrestle mania show to cash it in? the way they’re using him it wouldn’t surprise me to see them have him forget all about cashing it in so he can make cena look good by being the first to not win the title cashing his in

          • Zero

            He has until the next Money in the Bank ppv because he won the briefcase at the MITB ppv, but who in their right mind wouldn’t cash in at Mania? It just screams Ziggler!

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