So after the travesty that was last week’s RAW where the only thing in my LIKE category was Kharma, I deserve some karmic justice. Tonight’s RAW should be one of the best RAW’s of all-time if the Law of Averages really exists. Maybe karma allowed my hometown Dallas Mavericks to sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA playoffs to make up for last week’s RAW. I’ll take it!

Albertooooo Del Rioooo: Well, this is always a good way to start off the show! I’d really rather they didn’t continue this rivalry with Rey Mysterio that ran its course on Smackdown, but if it’s on the way to Del Rio facing Cena, I’ll suffer through it.

Eve & Kelly vs The Bella Twins: Never before have I been so happy to see a divas match. I figure Kharma was going to come out and take out at least one of these divas. And with these four in the ring, you can’t go wrong!! I never thought I’d call the Bellas smart, but them running out of the arena was the most intelligent thing either of them has ever done. I love watching the diva dolls get taken out by an actual womens wrestler, and it’s about damn time she actually targeted one of the real problem divas.

Tag Team Championships: It didn’t dawn on me until tonight that Big Show and Kane are in the middle of two rivalries right now – Nexus on RAW and The Corre on Smackdown. This is most likely due to the fact that Kane & Big Show are on different shows, and that they bring more prestige to those Tag Team Titles than Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov ever could.

Swagger vs Kingston: Remember when this rivalry was on Smackdown and it was surrounding the Intercontinental Championship? I do. I remember it because I really liked the rivalry and hoped WWE would continue it through Wrestlemania. Instead, they ruined it by having Kingston go on a losing campaign against Del Rio and completely destroyed any legitimacy he had. I’ll put this in the LIKE category because the match itself wasn’t half bad. Unfortunately, it was ruined again because WWE wanted to continue another pointless storyline.

Bush League: A question was posed on the forums of rather or not Miz’s title run was a success. I think it was. Some disagree. Whatever. I read that WWE is going to keep Miz as a main-eventer, which is a good thing, but is Miz really a main eventer without the title? I think so, but if there’s one thing that makes Miz look like he’s still on the mid-card, it’s those little league baseball jersey t-shirts they made for him. I don’t like ’em at all. Not a good fit for a main-eventer. They look like something Zack Ryder would wear.

Opening Promo: During this entire opening segment, I kept hearing the sound of Wylie Coyote falling from the sky and hitting the ground. It started off well with Alberto Del Rio. And then came Mysterio, draining the energy out of the first two minutes of the program. Next was the Miz, who didn’t have much of anything to say, but blame Alex Riley for last week. And finally came R-Truth who talked a lot of smack, yet said nothing relevant. And of course anytime when Cole and AnonGM pipes in, it only goes downhill from there. Either that segment was horribly scripted or it wasn’t scripted at all.

Mason Ryan vs Kane: Why is CM Punk playing second fiddle to Mason Ryan? I believe I asked this last week, but received no answer. It’s annoying to see the best heel – possibly the best performer – in the WWE getting KO’ed outside of the ring like a backup would do. Maybe Punk knows his time in WWE is short, so he’s willing to put over Mason Ryan in the time he has left. Maybe he’s just a consummate professional and is willing to endure whatever crap they sling his way, while counting the days until he’s free from this tyranny. Whatever it is, WWE is wasting a great talent right now. For shame!

Santino vs Ziggler: Speaking of wasted talent… where was Dolph Ziggler in the opening segment? Can’t he throw his name into the hat to face Cena for the World Title? I, for one, would love to see that – even though I know how it would end. This match was an embarrassment for Ziggler. He’s a former World Champion, for heaven’s sake. I hope they turn him babyface soon and he drops Vickie Guerrero as his manager. I think that’s where he’s headed right now anyway.

Riley vs Cena: Look at Alex Riley. He’s tall, muscular, he’s decent on the mic and from what I’ve seen of him in the ring, he’s not no slouch. Imagine what WWE could do with him if they stop making him look like an idiot. A year from now when Alex Riley is no longer Miz’s associate and he’s on the chopping block, they’re going to release him because he can’t get over with crowd. They won’t remember matches like this when they completely humiliated a promising prospect on live television. They won’t think that maybe this is the reason why he can’t over.

Micheal Cole’s Retirement: Never mind Jerry Lawler… why can’t WWE just let this go? Two PPV matches between these two is already two too many. I don’t know why the crowd was booing when Cole turned the match down. That was the best thing he’s said in months! Now they’re actually bringing the Hall of Fame into this ordeal. Not that WWE’s Hall of Fame is prestigious or anything, but some people actually take that seriously. I’ll be happy when this ordeal is finally over.

#1 Contender: Mysterio and Del Rio come over to RAW from Smackdown and still get no love. I figured Del Rio would win this triple threat and face Cena at Over The Limit, but I guess not. Perhaps they are saving his rivalry with Cena until Summerslam. At least I hope they are. Poor Miz. He has to face John Cena in the one match that I guarantee Cena will never lose in his entire career: an ‘I Quit’ match. I also figure that Cena will hold that title all the way until Wrestlemania 38, so it really doesn’t matter who the #1 contender is anyway. (Note: I accidentally typed ‘Wrestlemania 38’ instead of ‘Wrestlemania 28’, but somehow I think 38 is more appropriate.)

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT:“I never touched Micheal Cole. I just touched his tie.” – Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Shouldn’t Jerry Lawler be fired anyway for choking Micheal Cole with his tie? In times past, that was a big no-no. At the very least he should be rumored to be fired online, creating a huge controversy in the internet community… only to return a couple months later, having inexplicably suffered a heel turn. I believe that’s WWE SOP for tie-choking.

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