Today is Friday the 13th. For a lot of fans, including myself, last week was the most frightening day in the year. I don’t care what storyline they have in motion or whether or not there is a heel turn in the future for Christian. All I know is WWE gave a lot of their longtime fans the finger last week and as far as they’re concerned, we just have to deal with it. I’ll tell you one thing – that match last week was the first step towards Randy Orton getting the John Cena treatment from the fans.

Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan: How did I not see this match in the making following the draft? And what a match it was! Can you imagine if this match was on RAW? It’d be cut off by a commercial break three minutes into the match and someone would interfere… no wait. And the lights. My god, the lights. I hate the lights during Sin Cara’s matches. They’re distracting. Also, I’m still not sold on Chavo Guerrero being Sin Cara’s first rivalry when there are so many other options – the least of which being his opponent tonight. So, after all of that, why is this match in the LIKE category? Because the match itself was really good. It was all the things surrounding the match that annoyed me.

Barrett vs Kane: The match was okay, if not a prototypical Kane match. It was the post match beatdowns that I really liked. I don’t like the fact that The Corre broke up, but I am glad they ended the ‘will they, won’t they’ ordeal that has been lingering since after Wrestlemania. With Barrett as Intercontinental Champion and Slater & Gabriel as Tag Team Champs, WWE squandered an excellent opportunity to build a dominant stable. I think if WWE had known beforehand that Edge would have to retire after Wrestlemania, they maybe would have given this some thought. Hell, even as recent as last week, they could have had Ezekiel Jackson challenge Christian for the World Title – remember how ECW ended, right? Point is something better than the current state could have happened if only The Corre wasn’t buried at Wrestlemania. I’m interested to see how Ezekiel Jackson is received as a babyface this time around, considering that last time, no one really cared.

Rhodes vs DiBiase: This is one combination that I did think about when the draft occurred. But I was thinking about WWE rejoining Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr. Moreover, I thought about how horrible an idea that would be, should it occur. I’m so glad this match happened because it means there will not be a Legacy reunion in the works. That’s just great! In fact, I wouldn’t mind it too much if Rhodes & DiBiase had a small feud. There’s history there, and I’m sure DiBiase doesn’t like it that Legacy was formed mostly for him, yet it was Rhodes who really benefited from it. And of course, I never miss the opportunity to point out I called that from the get-go.

Opening Promo: I wonder if it was Vince’s idea to put Christian in the ring with Mark Henry & Sheamus, both physically superior than him, to show the defiant fans why he doesn’t believe in Christian as World Champion. Regardless, that was yet another weak opening promo where everyone just talked and said absolutely nothing relevant. At least Randy Orton didn’t talk after he made the save. That would’ve only made it worse.

Layla: One step forward. Two steps back. That describes both Layla and Kharma. I wanted Layla to gain from Michelle McCool’s exit. She beat McCool at Extreme Rules and she had a victory last week. But now, she’s nothing more than another fly squished by Kharma. Speaking of, Kharma finally (FINALLY!) took out one of the problematic diva dolls on RAW when she took out Eve. Layla isn’t very skilled in the ring, but her connection with LayCool has done wonders for her charisma and mic skills. She’s even gotten marginally better in the ring. I wouldn’t classify Layla as a diva doll, albeit she is smoking hot. In fact, I think Micheal Cole is more useless than Layla is.

The Not-So-Great Khali: I’m torn on this Khali situation. I know they brought in Jinder Mahal (who looks promising) to change the jocular direction that Khali has been headed in. That’s a good thing because there is no comedy troupe on Smackdown. However, a heel turn for Khali can only mean one thing… a main event return for Khali. That’s something I never want to happen. Does anyone remember Khali’s first World Title reign? No? Of course not, it was that forgettable.

Orton & Christian vs Henry & Sheamus: Randy Orton is now 3-0 on Smackdown. Thank goodness they removed Khali from this fray and substituted Sheamus. However, there is still Mark Henry lingering around for some reason. Is Mark Henry really the third main-eventer on Smackdown right now? I would believe Cody Rhodes in that role a lot more than Mark Henry. Another thing, the whole ‘opponents as tag team partners’ is so cliche’. It’s yet another Cena-esque ploy they’re putting onto Orton. They should have kept Orton as a tweener instead of a SUPERFACE. Eventually, people are going to get just as tired of him as we are with Cena right now. And as for Christian, if they are going to turn him, then do it already. Having him team with the man who shattered his dreams isn’t believable and everyone is just waiting for the point when he turns on Orton. Just pull the trigger already.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Maybe they came to see Mark Henry versus Sheamus.” – Mark Henry
Yeah, NOBODY came to see that.

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