So, Vince McMahon says Randy Savage was a “building block” of WWE… that doesn’t sound like something Vince would say when Savage was alive. He would never say it when Savage was alive. However, now that Macho Man has passed and he’s currently in the hearts and (more importantly) minds of professional wrestling fans everywhere, Vince is going to do everything he can to be associated with the positive memories of Randy Savage. Mark my words: Vince will put Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania 28 – years after he should have been inducted… and just one year too late.

Guerrero vs Sin Cara: Enough with the lights! I know I sound like a broken record, but those damn lights are distracting. Chavo and Sin Cara look like they used a little too much spray tan. Other than that, this was a decent match to start off the program. Chavo Guerrero is a cruiserweight, but he’s not as athletic as Sin Cara is, which limits Sin Cara in the ring. But then again, most of the superstars in WWE aren’t as athletic as Sin Cara is. Chavo is probably the best bet. Eventually they have to get Sin Cara in the ring with Evan Bourne, who is probably the only other superstar in the company who can hang in the ring with him.

Rhodes vs Bryan: I don’t have a LOVED category but if I did, this match would make the cut. Not just the match itself, which was pretty damn good, but the matchup! This is one of my favorite heels against one of the few babyfaces I like. The only thing I hate about Daniel Bryan’s matches is Micheal Cole. He’s too busy calling Bryan a nerd or a loser to actually call the play-by-play, which if he did anyway, he’d be out of his element. Daniel Bryan’s offense is innovative – like that surfboard stretch he turned into a double knee stomp(?). I don’t even know what to call that, but it was cool. Even though I think that Cody Rhodes is better than a mid-card feud at this point, I’m going to love this rivalry!

Ezekiel Jackson: I honestly wouldn’t mind it if Ezekiel Jackson was in the place that Mark Henry is in right now. (I wouldn’t mind it if anyone was, TBH.) This feud with his former team, The Corre, has been more interesting than I thought it’d be. It’s all because of Jackson and Barrett, but Jackson does the heavy lifting – no pun intended. I like the multiple bodyslams and the use of the torture rack. It’s so vintage! I love it! Not to mention that he’s actually not horrible on the mic, and he’s built like a mack truck. I forsee big things for Big Zeke in the near future, if the creative team doesn’t completely destroy him.

Kaitlyn & AJ Lee: Two super-hot divas making their Smackdown debut? Yes, that’s going in the LIKED category. Well technically, this isn’t Kaitlyn’s debut, but it has been a while since she has “wrestled” on television. I’m especially happy to see AJ Lee because she’s so cute and spunky – and she actually can wrestle. Also, they have to get more work for Alicia Fox. I love her attitude in the ring and that scissors kick she hit on Kaitlyn looked like it had some enmity in it. I love me some bad girls.

Opening Promo Sentence: “My name is Randy Orton and I’m still World Heavyweight Champion.” First things first, Randy Orton really needs to shave off that playoff beard. He’s already sluggish in the ring and boooring on the mic, so the beard just makes him look as feeble as he wrestles and sounds. Really, Orton? Really? That’s what you have to say to open the program? We deduced that in one second just by lookin’ at ‘cha. How is it that Mark Henry, of all people, has more to say and has better ad-libbing skills than the erstwhile World Champion?

The Monster’s Brawl: Come on, you had to know this was gonna be HATED. The name alone is exasperating, plus Josh Mathews pitched by name-dropping Lady Gaga. She might be the one person in the entire world who has absolutely no correlation to pro-wrestling. Anyone remember this match from Wrestlemania 23? I do, although I really wish I didn’t. It was five minutes of my life that I’m never getting back. At least this rendition was saved by Jinder Mahal and a heel turn! I hope they turn Khali & Mahal into a tag team. Would it be wrong if they called them the ‘Twin Towers’? I mean, it’s been almost ten years…

Booker/Cole: We neither needed or wanted this segment. I’m sure everyone is happy to see a crestfallen Micheal Cole, but I’d enjoy it more if they just put this entire ordeal to rest. WWE is good at acting like things didn’t happen (i.e. Taker & HHH’s first Wrestlemania match, John Cena’s years as a heel, Chris Benoit’s entire career), so I’m going to have selective memory too as pertains to this rivalry. What rivalry? Exactly!

#1 Contenders Triple Threat: I initially had this in the HATED category when Christian lost the match. But then I thought about it and realized that even though Christian lost, Sheamus won! I like Sheamus. I don’t like how WWE books Sheamus when he is Champion or when he’s going against a SUPERFACE, but I do like Sheamus. Plus, that was RAW and this is Smackdown. The two shows have different writers and the Smackdown writers don’t have a reputation of burying heels against SUPERFACES. But then again, they haven’t had a SUPERFACE on Smackdown until now, so time will tell. But for now, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

As for Christian, I told myself when he lost the title that a month from then, I was going to look back and see how I felt. It’s not a good outlook. Had Christian turned heel when he had the opportunity to do it, I would like it. But he didn’t and I don’t. I hope the heel turn is coming soon, but it seems that WWE is content at keeping him a babyface and being the second fiddle to Randy Orton.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “If he wins this match here, it won’t only be an upset, it’ll be the breakout of Daniel Bryan.” – Booker T
How quickly we forget, eh? By ‘we’, I don’t mean me – or any of the fans, I mean WWE. Do they not remember when Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz for the United States Championship in not one, not two, but three straight PPVs!? And he made The Miz tap out in two of ’em. Not to mention he had a MOTY candidate with Dolph Ziggler directly after that. Now, WWE did proceed to bury him in a stupid storyline with The Bella Sluts, but that wasn’t his fault.

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Lastly, I want to respond to Shay Dickerhoff, who requested I make the Top 50 of All-Time list I alluded to in my last KJR. Well, Shay, it’ll take some thinking to break that list out, but I will do it soon. In the meantime, this is my Top 25 of All-Time list that I made on the forum at the beginning of this year:

1) Kurt Angle
2) Bret Hart
3) Shawn Micheals
4) Ric Flair
5) Chris Benoit
6) Steve Austin
7) Curt Hennig
8) Ricky Steamboat
9) The Rock
10) Eddie Guerrero
11) Chris Jericho
12) Ted DiBiase, Sr.
13) Brian Danielson
14) Harley Race
15) The Undertaker
16) Davey Boy Smith
17) Roddy Piper
18) CM Punk
19) Dean Malenko
20) William Regal
21) Arn Anderson
22) Booker T
23) Edge
24) Triple H
25) Mick Foley

And to see who the members of the forum picked as the overall Top 10, follow this link: TWF Top 10 Wrestlers of All-Time.

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