I missed Smackdown last week, so I missed the Christian heel turn that I had been waiting for. Dammit! Oh well, at least I’m here tonight to witness the aftermath. That’s what I really care about – the story. The explanation. And for Christian, and for the possibility of this rivalry, they better have a damned good one…

Christian: Okay, so I like the explanation of Christian blaming the fans for him losing the World Title. It’s a good move that instantly puts him at odds with the ‘peeps’. However, it would be much better if he did it one month ago when the issue was actually relevant. I don’t like them aligning him with Micheal Cole, just so he can get a rub from the audience’s dislike of Cole. Christian is more than capable of garnering heat by himself. This was a rough start, but I see good things in the future for HEEL! Christian.

Six-Man Tag: I love this ongoing feud between The Corre and Ezekiel Jackson. It’s turning Big Zeke into a star! Throw in the rift between Wade Barrett and Slater/Gabriel, and it’s an even more tangled web. I don’t know where they’re going with all of this, but it’s doing wonders for everyone involved (even The Usos!). I don’t even want to know where it’s going, I just want them to keep it up.

AJ LEE!!!: It’s official. I love this chick. In a few short weeks, she’s just jumped over every other diva on the WWE roster and took over Maria’s former place as the hottest diva. Obviously, this is my own personal opinion. AJ fits my “type” perfectly. She’s short, ridiculously cute, exotic, energetic and if what the announcers are saying about her is correct, she’s a comic book fan and a nerd! AKA Perfection! Gotta do something about that lime green attire, though. It’s like watching an animated neon sign in the ring. Albeit, it does help to keep my focus solely on her, which it would be regardless…

Bryan/Cara vs Rhodes/DiBiase: I’m torn here. On one hand, I expressly asserted that Rhodes & DiBiase need not to be put back together on the same team. I also intimated that Sin Cara’s initial rivalry be against Cody Rhodes. Nothing occurred the way I wanted it to, but somehow this tag team match came about and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I’m definitely glad the lights went back to normal for the duration of the tag team match – and, look, Sin Cara looks no different wrestling under normal lights. So stop it! Obviously, of the four involved, Ted DiBiase is the weakest link, but even he held his own in this match. Of course, when you’re in the ring with three of the most talented wrestlers in the company, you come off smelling pretty damn good.

Mahal vs Barreta: Somehow, I thought Jinder Mahal was much taller than he is. Maybe it was the angle they were filming him in. Khali is actually a good seven inches taller than Mahal, so I guess that ‘Twin Towers’ quip I made a couple weeks ago was not only crude, but incorrect. I missed Mahal’s in-ring debut last week, so I can only hope it was much better than the showing this week, which was disappointing, considering the buzz I’d heard about the guy. It’s not Mahal’s fault, though, it’s WWE. They believe that the way to get new talent over is to have them win one SQUASH match after another. What they should really do is have them compete against quality talent (sorry, Trent Barreta) and defeat them in a decent contest. Unfortunately, WWE will never change.

Orton/Christian: It’s sad how enthusiastically the crowd responds to Randy Orton’s cached and boring retorts. Must be because he’s a SUPERFACE. It’s sad how ignorant the crowd reacts to Christian challenging for the World Heavyweight Title, even though you have to already know that the match is going to take place. That segment was awkward and strange and really unnecessary. I would say the audience ruined it, but it wasn’t scripted well from the start. Smackdown’s writers are usually much better than this.

Johnny Curtis: Last week, apparently, he cried over spilled milk, or so I’m told. And this week, he has a chip on his shoulder. I get it. WWE is mocking themselves. That’s a good thing for a company to do – have self-awareness when they’re not living up to their own rules/words. However, when it’s WWE, it just feels like they’re giving us the finger and telling us that they make the rules, so they can break ’em.

Orton vs Sheamus: I really hate that Sheamus is caught in the middle of this Orton/Christian feud. For one, I like the feud, especially now that Christian is heel, and having Sheamus in the middle just mucks it all up. And two, Sheamus is one of my favorite heels, and my reigning SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR. I want more for him. He’s the odd man out in this ordeal and nothing good can come of that. He’s a solid main-eventer and an excellent heel. Surely, there must be something better he could be doing. Other than that, this was a pretty physical match, par for the course when Sheamus and Orton are involved. In far more important news, Randy Orton suffers his first loss on Smackdown. Heavens be praised. Including his PPV victory, he was 7-0 before tonight. I figured he’d make it at least ten straight before the first loss was counted, but I guess not. Of course, it wasn’t a clean loss, but a loss nonetheless. I’m beginning to approach Orton’s matches the same way I do Cena. I just wait for them to either make a stunning, dare I say HEROIC, comeback out of nowhere or I wait for someone to interfere and cost them the match. Clean losses are a thing of the past for SUPERFACES.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase used to be together in Legacy…they were one of the most successful teams in WWE history.” – Micheal Cole
Uhhh, no! Legacy was a very good idea that WWE completely destroyed. In my opinion, Legacy was a failure. It might be the most unsuccessful stable in WWE history, with apologies to X-Factor, Right to Censor and the Spirit Squad. Yes, Legacy was Cody Rhodes’ launching pad and he wouldn’t be where is now without it, but Legacy was initially formed specifically to push Ted DiBiase, Jr. Look how well that worked out. When a stable fails to do what it was meant to do, then by definition, it’s a failure. No amount of spin can fix that.

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