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A day late and a dollar short, I know. It’s the story of my life. I managed to wiggle some free time this Saturday, which is a rarity, and I figured the best way to spend that free time is writing a KJR for Smackdown. You’re welcome.

Sheamus: In all of the muck and confusion in the opening promo, the only person who actually brought some sense into the equation was the odd man out. I said it last week – I don’t like that Sheamus is being used as a pawn in the feud between Orton & Christian. I like the feud between them, just not that Sheamus is being wasted on it. He could be doing something much better, or at least something different, that would give him a push so that when this World Title feud is over, Sheamus would be the next in line and he’d be already ready already.

Six-Man Tag: I liked this match on RAW this past Monday and it played the same part last night. All of the storylines that merge into this six-man tag match have all been very understated, yet very fun to follow. The storyline involving The Corre has been so perplexing, that I have no idea what it going to happen at the PPV this coming Sunday between Jackson & Barrett. I can only wonder how Slater & Gabriel are going to play a role. I was critical of putting DiBiase & Rhodes back together, but so far it’s been very beneficial for DiBiase and Rhodes hasn’t suffered too much. Hell, it’s even allowed Daniel Bryan to get regular screen time due to his friendship with Sin Cara. I only wish the storyline between Sin Cara, Bryan, Rhodes & DiBiase were to make it to PPV as well… especially after that ending. Was that planned or what? Like I said – perplexing and understated. I like it!

Mahal vs Kozlov: Yet another storyline that has been really interesting, albeit under the radar. The only criticism I’ve had about this storyline and about Jinder Mahal himself, was that he’d only competed in squash matches. That doesn’t do much to show anyone what he’s really made of. And while Vladimir Kozlov isn’t exactly top-level competition, he’s better than Yoshi Tatsu and Trent Barreta in matters of competition. This match did more for Mahal than either of his first two matches did.

The Usos vs Slater/Gabriel: The crowd could have cared less for The Usos when they were in the ring. Maybe that’s because WWE buried them for so long. Now, they can’t actually expect them to turn into babyfaces and just catch fire, can they? Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if they did because WWE could use a tag team revolution, and The Usos are pretty damn good in the ring. Just stop with the pop-locking or whatever it’s called. If you notice, though, by the end of the match, the audience was sorely behind them. WWE needs to keep this going and ride The Usos to a tag team title run.

Big Show/Del Rio: Did we really need two separate segments to push this storyline? You know, what really makes me hate this storyline is how unbelievable it all is. Yes, I know it’s television and I know it’s fake, but at least try to make it look real. The car accident itself was questionable enough, but the aftermath was even worse. Then after being hit by a car, Big Show is back in action less than a month later? Yeah, right. Now ‘criminal charges’ are being contemplated against Big Show for attacking Ricardo Rodriguez. Yet, no criminal charges were filed against Ricardo for a hit & run, which actually happens to be a crime. I guess if there’s anything I do like about this storyline, its that it’s turning Big Show back into a monster. That’s something he and we sorely need.

Mark Henry: How bad is this for Mark Henry? He was brought over to Smackdown and put into the main event storyline only a couple months ago. I didn’t like it, but it happened anyway. Now, he’s being taken off television for a while with a kayfabe injury. That doesn’t help convince me or anyone else that he’s actually a main-eventer.

Main-Event Aftermath: Does every freakin’ heel have to be a coward? Does everyone have to sneak attack and run away from the SUPERFACES? I’m getting damned tired of this. Christian hasn’t been timid towards Orton once throughout this entire rivalry until after he turned heel. And furthermore, why did Orton have to punt Sheamus in the head? What did he do besides ask for a title match that he really deserved? I guess you have to send the kids home happy and what better way to do that than to literally kick a man when he’s down? I know I’ve said this plenty of times before, but I really hate how WWE treats Sheamus.

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