Saturday Morning Slam 11/10/12

The Usos defeat the Prime Time Players.

The Great Khali defeats Epico in a one on one match.

Thoughts: Anytime the Usos are in the ring, I’m happy to watch them. As much as I enjoy Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars, it absolutely infuriates me to not see the Usos as tag team champions. Khali is horrible; I wish Vince would realize what a waste of space he is and that immobile giants are nothing special.

WWE NXT 11/14/12

Jinder Mahal is interviewed about being the No. 1 contender for the NXT Championship. Bo Dallas comes in and confronts Mahal about not showing him any respect. Dallas challenges Mahal to a rematch tonight and he accepts. Dallas taunts him into putting his title shot on the line tonight.

The Ascension defeat Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson. Cameron gets the pin on Tatsu after O’Brian lands fall of man on him.

Aksana insults Layla and they build some heat for their match tonight.

Corey Graves goes one on one with Oliver Gray. Graves defeats Gray with a leg submission.

A Big E Langston video package is shown emphasizing his five count. He comes out for an interview. Langston says he’s worried for anyone who tries to collect on the bounty that Vickie Guerrero placed on him.

Layla defeats Aksana after a kick to the back of the head.

Roman Reigns goes one on one with Chase Donovan. Reigns squashes Donovan.

Jinder Mahal defeats Bo Dallas using the camel clutch.

Thoughts: Dallas is going to be a huge star one day if WWE books him right; his athleticism and work ethic along with his second generation heritage make him a great prospect for the future of WWE. The Ascension looked good as always, but what good is it for them to keep having the same matches with talent beneath them? Isn’t it time to move up the talented tag teams so that the SINGLES wrestlers that have been paired up can move back into the SINGLES scene? It looks like Corey Graves is moving up slowly; I don’t know much about the guy but I would be interested to see more of what he can do in one on one matches. Roman Reigns looks like one of those guys that Vince is going to push just because of his size, but the good news is that Reigns has some pretty obvious athleticism and brute strength. I’m anxious to see how WWE decides to book him. Mahal and Bo Dallas had an awesome main event match; I actually think both guys have potential to do some noteworthy things in the WWE mid card scene if they were both pushed up right now.

WWE Main Event 11/14/12

Kane and Daniel Bryan are interviewed to start the show. Kane and Dbry argue and then Team Rhodes Scholars attacks Dbry when Kane walks away.

Kane and Daniel Bryan defeat Team Rhodes Scholars. Matt Striker interviews them after the match asking if Daniel Bryan can bury the hatchet with Miz before the elimination match on Sunday. Miz asks for a handshake but Dbry asks the Miz to hug it out. Miz sits back in his seat and says no way.

Dolph Ziggler is shown on the tron talking about the problems with Team Foley. He points out that Miz and Kofi hate each other, and he points out that Kane and Dbry hate each other. He also points out that Randy Orton likes nobody. Miz and Ziggler argue back and forth until Miz challenges Ziggler to a match next week on Main Event.

Santino defeats David Otunga.

Thoughts: Main Event has become an awesome show that I look forward to catching every week. WWE keeps rivalries relevant and even pushes storylines on the show so that you HAVE TO watch in order to keep up with everything. The tag team match was easily one of the most intense I’ve seen in months and WWE once again did a good job of delivering to the hype built around these two rivaling teams. Santino deserves better than a match with Otunga, but at least they got the booking right and had Otunga lose.

WWE Superstars 11/15/12
Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal defeat The Usos.
The Great Khali defeats JTG.
Thoughts: I love the push that the 3MB is getting, but I question how far WWE is going to take it. I honestly believe Heath Slater could be a guy that holds the IC Title multiple times in his career, but I really don’t see much more than that happening for him. I still think there’s a chance they could get a run with the tag team gold and invoke the old-school freebird rule for the trio. Time will tell. Superstars hasn’t really been anything special as of late, but I did enjoy the tag team match. I’m not sure why Khali is getting squash victories over jobbers when WWE could obviously care less about his character.

WWE Smackdown 11/16/12

Smackdown opens with MizTV. Miz brings out Team Foley and they all end up arguing about not trusting each other. Team Ziggler comes out and Dolph spews off at the mouth. Dolph gets mad at Del Rio for not listening to him. Del Rio questions Ziggler’s leadership ability and they argue. Mick Foley announces that he has power tonight and books Ziggler and Del Rio to face Orton and Miz. Foley then books Barrett against Kane while Dbry yells no. Foley then puts Damien Sandow in a match with Kofi Kingston right now.

^I love the opening segment setting up the matches on the card. I know people have grown tired of it, but what better way is there to book a show other than just announcing what the matches will be for the night? This was good, and the hype for the elimination match at Survivor Series was also good.

Damien Sandow defeats Kofi Kingston.

^Sandow is awesome. I’m not sure if he will chase the IC Title this early or not, but I could definitely see him having more good matches with Kofi in the future. This was a decent short match, and part of me wishes they had just put the title on the line and had a surprising outcome with this one.

Kaitlyn, Layla, and Natalya defeat Eve, Aksana, and Alicia Fox in a six diva tag when Kaitlyn pins Alicia Fox.

^Six diva tag? Why not save this for Survivor Series? I’d say it’s failed WWE booking once again, without a doubt. The match here wasn’t awful, but it was too short to be considered halfway decent.

The Miz and Randy Orton defeat Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Orton nails an RKO on the Miz after the match.

^So Orton becomes the guy that can’t be trusted, or does this mean Orton just continues not to like or trust anybody? I like the speculation of mistrust going into the match because it adds to the element of surprise. Good tag match here with these four.

Booker T is shown telling Sheamus not to cause anything with Big Show tonight.

^This basically means that Sheamus will definitely start something with Show tonight!

Sheamus comes out and he’s angry at Big Show for going after William Regal. Big Show comes out. Booker T comes out and tells Sheamus they can’t fight right now and has Sheamus removed from the building. Booker tells Show backstage he will have a match with a mystery opponent tonight.

^This was just a wasted addition to what was already said. Bad time management when they need to waste air time on this.

Wade Barrett and Kane ends in a brawl between both SS teams.

^I was sort of excited to see what Barrett and Kane can do in the ring together. Kane over the years has had good chemistry with the most random individuals, and I for one was quite anxious to see him and Barrett have an honest battle in the squared circle.

Antonio Cesaro defeats Sin Cara with R-Truth on commentary.

^I really don’t care for Sin Cara, so using him as a beating post for Cesaro works for me. I’m excited for Truth and Cesaro on Sunday, and I like the commentary during matches angle as much as the next guy, but don’t you feel like WWE has gone overboard on this idea as of late?

Big Show defeats the Great Khali. Show looks for Sheamus backstage after the match. Sheamus jumps him and lays him out to end the show.

^Is this Khali’s week to be in the main event of everything? The guy is boring, and I doubt anyone took him as a serious threat to the Big Show. Sheamus jumping Show at the end of Smackdown could cause serious repercussions on him and I wouldn’t be surprised if Booker T changed their match at Survivor Series in some way. Maybe they’ll make it a non-title match, or maybe they’ll add a stipulation of Show’s choosing. Whatever it is, WWE booked the angle for a reason and now we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out on Sunday!

News Items:

Releases: It’s being speculated that WWE could start cleaning out their roster as it has not been done in some time and Linda’s senate campaign is now over. I hope WWE is very careful about what they do, because TNA might not be a threat overall, but stars could be marketed out of some of the guys not being pushed in WWE right now.

Yoshi Tatsu: Tatsu agreed with a fan that said he wanted him to be WWE Champion, and said he was seriously aiming for that and will never give up. Tatsu, it will NEVER happen. Sorry dude. Tatsu is a talented guy in the ring, and I do believe WWE did wrong with booking his character how they did, but in their eyes I’m certain it’s too late for them to do anything now that could change it.

Cody Rhodes: Rhodes may or may not be cleared by doctors to compete at Survivor Series. Unfortunately for Cody, I’m not sure it really matters to WWE if he is there or not. With speculation of Tensai being the one to take his place, I really don’t think WWE had any big plans for Rhodes in the match.

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