With spring weather comes the usual WWE cleanup. After WrestleMania the WWE has made it a habit of releasing those wrestlers who have been wasting away on the shelf.

Judging by how some big name wrestlers were left off WrestleMania 29, it’s safe to say the roster is on the full side. It’s feasible the WWE releases nobody in the foreseeable future, but that’s doubtful, as some wrestlers haven’t appeared in months.

On occasion, there are some shocking releases. With that, here are 10 superstars who could be wished all the best in their future endeavors at any moment.


Alex Riley

The Miz’s protégée has fallen quicker than the mentor. Alex Riley went from runner-up on NXT to being cornered with the WWE champion.

The young man’s future looked promising, especially after pinning the Miz on a pay-per-view shortly upon him dropping the belt. Rumors are a backstage incident with John Cena led to the halt of his push.

Career Saver: Partners with the Miz again and they both reinvent themselves.

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