I have to admit it. This iteration of Hell In A Cell has shaped up nicely, and will offer up a number of matches that should provide great entertainment. But, I can’t help but feel that someone is missing from this year’s festivities. Actually, two.

The first-the Undertaker-was one half of perhaps the single most memorable Hell In A Cell moment ever, as Mick Foley jumped off the roof of the Cell. We all know, generally, where he is, or is not. It’s not yet Wrestlemania season, so odds are beyond slim that he’d make a cameo in Miami. I don’t expect it, and none of the rumors suggest otherwise. But, given his history with the structure, he will be missed.

The other? That would be his storyline brother, Kane. By now, everyone will recall how he was written off of WWE TV, in the aftermath of his SummerSlam clash with The Wyatts. Of course, we also all know by now, that Kane really needed the time off to rehash his role in See No Evil 2.

Kane is one of the two wrestlers the WWE has trotted out over the past decade plus who embody the idea of Hell on Earth. It seems wrong to not have him on the show. But, he has not been brought back to WWE programming as of yet, so odds are, he’s sitting this PPV out. Especially when you also take note of the lack of a Wyatt on the card as it currently stands. A Wyatt on the card, of course, would leave open a logical point of return for Kane. Having the Big Red Monster show up at HIAC to take a Wyatt Family member to Hell as a means of retribution for the SummerSlam attack? Would be a great way to bring Kane back onto programming.

Sadly, again, no Wyatt family match on HIAC, and the rumblings make it seem more likely that a Kane return happens on a RAW in the next week or two.

Don’t get me wrong, folks. Both the world title matches have compelling stories, or at least participants. We have a hell of a triple threat match for the tag titles. Heyman and Punk square off yet again, with Ryback joining the fray. The divas title match should be a good watch, and two of the younger talents in Axel and Langston will go toe to toe to start things off. It’s not a shabby card at all. Just, to me, feels like someone’s missing.

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