For those of you who’ve watched wrestling in general, and WWE in particular over the last decade or so, you no doubt recall the walking, talking punchline of a faction known as 3MB. And, over a bit of time, two of the members (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) were released, making 3MB become 1MB. But, many things are true in sports entertainment….so, call it a case of what goes around, comes around. Or, even better, everything old is new again. Specifically, two guys who WWE jettisoned not all that long ago, are back in the company doing things better than they’ve ever done for WWE before. And, the 3rd guy, who managed to survive? He’s been doing rather well too.

So, here are two questions for you guys to ponder…

1-Where did this come from? and 2-Could we…or should we…see a 3MB reunion?

Taking things in order…

First and foremost, I don’t know exactly. At least so far as Jinder is concerned. When WWE brought him back, I expected his return to be along the lines of what we’ve gotten out of other recent returns (like Curt Hawkins). So, call it a pleasant surprise, I suppose. He certainly is in the best shape we’ve ever seen him in, and I would imagine there are suits working in Stamford who are looking for WWE to have a more marketable face for the huge Indian market. So, call it killing two birds with one stone (maybe). But, even if that was part of why he’s where he’s at now, I don’t think anyone actually thought he’d get a title match. I mean, it’s one thing to have a shot at a title shot. Just being in that six pack challenge was a big deal for him. But the fact that he actually won it? Total shocker.

Now, as for the 2nd member? Drew McIntyre came in to a lot of hype and seemed poised for big things, but then things just didn’t work out. He was not the first man to have that happen. He also wasn’t the first man to leave WWE and find major success elsewhere (and, he won’t be the last). And he isn’t the first guy to enjoy great success elsewhere and translate that into a WWE reunion, as he now finds himself at a good spot in NXT. His return was probably a lot easier to predict, especially as TNA/Impact Wrestling clings to financial viability.

Second: I think that is an intriguing possibility, but I don’t know that it would happen anytime soon, or at all. They weren’t exactly well received, and they weren’t exactly a fearsome stable back then. Slater has a partner in Rhyno, and they’ve carved out a nice niche. McIntyre would look to be in good shape for a singles run, and Mahal could either manage to get a couple years in as a solid heel, or he might be just a flash in the pan that doesn’t do much past this year going forward. That’s sort of the great unknown. But, I am intrigued by it, if only because I think it’s something WWE doesn’t do much of anymore. I mean, we had The Shield and The Wyatts, and we have New Day, and before that, Nexxus/Corre. But for the most part, there is not a heavy emphasis on stables anymore. There’s no Four Horsemen. No nWo. No Dangerous Alliance, or anything else. And while I know that 3MB never did, and likely never would, come close to even the worst stable on the list, I think getting a few stables in the mix could be compelling…even if these three would generally fit on the mid-card.

WNZ readers…would you want to see the band back together?

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