7)  The 7 on 7 divas elimination match.

No disrespect to these ladies, as I know they work hard to put on a good show, and I know that WWE is trying to build up the Total Divas show by manufacturing a feud over it. But, just days away from what has traditionally been one of the “big four PPV”, this is one of only two actual SS-type matches on the card. It’s depressing.

6) Underwhelming singles matches.

OK, fine, Cena has been hustling and doing some very fine work since his return from surgery, but Alberto Del Rio as his opponent doesn’t do it for me. I am not enjoying Orton as champion, nor Big Show as challenger. And, the whole Authority angle is overshadowing the WWE title anyways. The angle itself has become too cumbersome and awkward. I can’t tell which way they are going, and that’s not a compliment. WWE needs to jump-start the angle fast, or kill it off, IMHO.

5) Lack of the one really appealing elimination match that they did tease.

While in the UK, they teased Shield/Wyatts against Bryan, Punk et al. The crowd and fan reaction seemed to indicate this would be a money match-the talent would surely be there. So what does WWE do? Anything but that. Perhaps they avoided booking it because it would have almost certainly been the best match of the night. Heaven forbid something upstage a title match…

4) Lack of good match buildup for most on the card.

The divas match, they will argue, is an extension of the E! Show. Except I’d bet that a good number of PPV buys don’t care about Total Divas, and may not even watch it.  Kofi and the Miz? For American audiences, the turn happened on Monday. Let’s build up an uninspiring match in only 6 days, shall we? If I were scheduling which match goes when, I’d be torn between this or the divas match as your freebie. Neither is worth a PPV slot as developed.

3) Unless WWE pulls a major shocker, no Daniel Bryan or CM Punk in the main event.

I really don’t expect Vince and Creative to make the best match on paper go off last. That nod will go to one of the two title matches. But, the head scratcher remains that you have two of your hottest stars (if not the two hottest), and they aren’t in the main event. Not that either man cares, they will put on a show regardless. Just…they deserve the top billing here.

2) Those not currently booked.

I am going to add the caveat of a lot can and probably will change in the days remaining between my writing this and the opening bell for Survivor Series, but just take a moment and consider the names NOT on the card. Right now, no Ziggler, no Los Matadores. No Sandow, no Axel, no Langston. I kind of expect them to do a re-match for the IC belt, though I really think they could have held onto that match and title change for Sunday.

1) The depressing dearth of the signature Survivor Series matches.

It’s now the Wednesday before SS. We have ONE actual legit, worthwhile elimination match. Just looking at the names from #2, you mean to tell me that WWE could not cobble together another one or two Survivor Series elimination matches? Really?  Give some of the younger or less utilized guys a chance to get a few minutes on a PPV. But, book the matches by the RAW prior to the show, so we can actually….look forward to something. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for, as it means we could easily wind up with a match pitting Khali, Santino and Los Matadores against 3MB and a mystery partner. That’s something else I miss about the lack of proper SS matches-no mystery partners. WWE could have done that this year, but that lasted less than a day when they let Rey do the run-in on Monday night.

If I was on the fence about buying this PPV….I’d be leaning toward “no”.

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