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With Easter just around the corner, people worldwide are turning their thoughts to an important historical figure who, after several days of resting in peace, sprung back to life.

With all due respect to those who observe Easter for its intended reasons, here’s an Easter-inspired list for people who worship at the Church of St. Vince.

Professional wrestling always requires a suspension of disbelief, but sometimes storylines get pushed into the realm of downright ridiculous when previously “deceased” wrestlers reappear, rarely any worse for wear.

Here are seven wrestling resurrections — including one that proves the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


7. The Zombie

This seems like an obvious choice on the list because a zombie is, by definition, a risen corpse. Much like when ECW was brought back from the dead as a WWE sub-brand, The Zombie proved to be a very bad idea. As if wrestling fans needed any more evidence that Vince McMahon didn’t really “get” what ECW was all about, The Zombie was a cartoonish character that might have once made a good tag team partner for Papa Shango, but had no place in the revived ECW.  He appeared on the 2006 debut of ECW on SyFy in a match against The Sandman, immediately setting the bar low. His clothes were tattered, he lurched like an extra on The Walking Dead and he could only groan. Sandman easily dispatched him with some kendo-stick brutality.  The Zombie was portrayed by journeyman wrestler Tim Roberts, who wisely hightailed it to Puerto Rico after his underwhelming stint in WWECW.

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