The Total Divas media machine is here again, and although annoying, this time it might bring something tangibly beneficial to wrestling fans. Tyson Kidd returned on Monday and performed well after almost a year on the shelf recovering from leg injuries, picking up a win over Fandango with a nicely applied sharpshooter. This match laid the groundwork for what could be a good feud between Fandango and Tyson. This feud could be mutually beneficial, allowing both men to show off their tremendous wrestling ability and giving them the exposure needed for fans to care about both characters. Additionally, it could be an entertaining, fun feud for fans of all levels.

Tyson KiddThe best thing about this feud is that it’s very likely to happen. From early previews, all indications are that Fandango is still going to play the angle of the heartthrob on Total Divas, once again being the guy that causes a Total Diva to be in a compromising position. At the same time, Tyson’s recovery was well-documented in the first half-season of the show, and he’s finally fully healed. With these two wrestlers being substantial characters on the Total Divas show, it would behoove the WWE to play off the manufactured feud and reinforce the characters these men present on the show with extended TV time on both Raw and Smackdown. Why not play off the subtle feud that will play out in the second-half of this seaso and show viewers the fruits of Tyson’s tireless rehab? That would maximize what they’re doing with Total Divas to not only extend the WWE brand into the mainstream and appeal to women, but also to create midcard stars on the male side of the roster.

With Tyson finally returning to his persona (He returned in October and wrestled against Los Matadores underneath a mask and a different ring name) after a long amount of time away from the ring, we may see Tyson Kidd finally being featured on weekly episodes of Raw or Smackdown. Prior to his injury, he was a mainstay of Superstars and Main Event, with little presence on either Smackdown or Raw, but the way that he returned indicated that the WWE has plans to feature him on one of the two weekly multi-hour shows. He was able to get in a good amount of offense, pull off nice moves, demonstrate his unique agility, and was heavily discussed by the announcers who kept tying him in to Total Divas. It seems like the WWE actually wants to finally put him over, after years of not utilizing him properly.

stagnation-fandangoAnd that last sentence is a key sticking point. This feud could be the amalgamation of underutilized stars with huge upside. Tyson Kidd is a very good wrestler, but no one knew that because he was relegated to shows that most of the WWE viewing public doesn’t watch. Fandango is also a very skilled wrestler with surprising agility for a man of his size, but the WWE killed his push in the water after he suffered a concussion. With two underutilized, highly skilled, unappreciated wrestlers feuding, we could see them push each other to consistently outdo one another, creating enjoyable, well-crafted matches. Tyson is fast-paced, agile, and quick with a cruiserweight style moveset, and Fandango can match him blow for blow, counter for counter, or flip for flip, in this case. They had little time in the ring on Monday night, but their exchanges were well-done and interesting, which makes you wonder what they could do together if given a few weeks to feud and time to build matches.

With their respective skillsets and abilities, that could create a feud with great matches so long as they allow the men to wrestle, instead of solely scheduling mixed-tag team matches. With time, Kidd and Fandango could craft a series of matches that stir excitement for the midcard. When the midcard is exciting, this makes the product better overall, as it galvanizes the Main Event to also step up and create something fresh, innovating, and captivating. If creative is smart, they’ll start this feud and let it go for a while to give both men some shine and to strengthen the midcard.

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