AJ Lee is clearly not happy with how WWE has handled Total Divas. The show has been absolutely shoved down our throats. Some people have swallowed it and others have spit it back out. Last night on Raw, AJ chose the latter and she turned a lot of heads. She just attracted a lot of attention because what she said was 100% accurate and she was really the only one who could have said it. She said what needed to be heard, but it now creates a big problem. From a business standpoint, WWE has a successful show in Total Divas. The issue now is the top Diva in the company and its champion just pointed out everything that is wrong with the show on the company’s own biggest show. AJ Lee pulled the curtain back and gave everyone a dose of reality. She posed the question loud and clear. In reality, when are things going to change for women’s wrestling?

AJ Lee has been the most over Diva in the company for well over a year now. She didn’t even have to hold the Divas Championship to do it either. AJ was “totally” right. She has saved the Divas division and accomplished more in one year than the entire cast of the show combined. Yet for the last several weeks, the cast of Total Divas has consistenly had matches on Raw and one on Summerslam card while the Divas Champion was in a mixed tag match. April Mendez has every right to be upset. Did she work that hard to be shown up by six other women on a reality show the WWE co-makes when she is by wrestling standards the most over woman with the wrestling audience. This begs the question of what is the reality for women in WWE? Does WWE want female wrestlers who are also celebrities, or do they want celebrities who also wrestle?

Some of us thought with the signing of Sara Del Rey, the Kaitlyn/AJ feud and the solid group of women down in FCW that Divas wrestling was on the rise. There is no question that after Trish Stratus, Lita and their peers left that value in women’s wrestling dropped in WWE dramatically. Models were taught to wrestle and the standards fell so far that by the time there were solid female wrestlers like Beth Phoenix or Michelle McCool, they had few to feud with to build any serious momentum for the division as a whole. Those two names have come and gone, Gail Kim was forced out, Eve took off, Mickie James left to go be a superstar in TNA and Kharma just hit a major run of bad luck. AJ Lee has been the saving grace and for a stretch in 2012, she wasn’t the most over Diva in the company. She was arguably the most over person on the entire roster which included John Cena and the WWE Champion CM Punk. Yet here in 2013, AJ finally has the Divas title and the cast of Total Divas has more TV time and a spot of the Summerslam card?

Last night, AJ Lee gave WWE a reality check. She generated real buzz. The ball is now in WWE’s court. Those of us who still care about women’s wrestling don’t care that they are women. Its the wrestling we care about. WWE apparently cares about a reality show with their talent more than they care about their talent on their fake wrestling show. AJ Lee is right. She is good. She has become the standard and she just gave WWE a chance to change. Let’s see what happens next.

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